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You Deserve More Than An Almost Kind Of Love

The world today is too complicated, too dangerous for honest hearts.

Time has evolved and society has become more competitive—we work hard to achieve our goals, driven to be whoever we envision ourselves to be, and make everything possible and within our reach.

With all the possibilities and choices that we have, giving up for something we really want is never an option. We tend to find ways, create our own paths, and compromise when necessary.

All these with the hope of bringing us a little closer to what we want.

But how about when it comes to relationships and perhaps love?

Would something a little closer to what you want be enough for you?

Should love, among other things, be made more complicated by settling closer to what you want rather than to receive what you truly deserve?

Does anyone deserve to almost have, almost be, and almost love?

I know how hard it can get when someone you probably see your future with is not on the same page as you are. You spend time together, share a vision of what officially being together would look like, and engage in conversations about sweet nothings.

I understand your desire to compromise, your belief that if you stay around a little longer and love them a little harder, they will eventually make up their mind and fully commit themselves to the special connection you share.

But here’s the catch: You are almost, but not fully, together.

And almost is in no way closer to being actually committed to that someone you can’t even call yours.

There is so much promise in the words that take you sky-high, in the potential you convince yourself is there.  But at the end of the day, can you rely on them to have your back when things come crashing down? Or are you just as good as the peace your presence offers and the comfort you bring whenever they need you? Will they go all in for you, as you would for them?

Do not ignore the times when they disappear just when you need them the most. Those perfectly crafted excuses they so confidently give as you call them out for their absence or inconsistency. Do not let your tears continuously flow as you anticipate a call or message that never comes or wait for them to finally see your worth and stand up for you.

If they are half-decided on what you mean to them, please, let them go.

You do not deserve to be loved half-heartedly. You do not deserve to be an almost.

Almost is never enough for a heart whose love continuously flows. You are capable of giving so much—a love that never questions, a love that demands no condition, a love that stays.

Do not let them drain you out of it.

Do not be blinded by undecided and unclear acts of an almost love.

You deserve a love whose intention is clear from the start. A love so sure you wouldn’t have to spend a single second doubting your worth. A love that would embrace you wholly, making you realize that no matter how complicated life may be, you can be certain that someone would go all-in for and with you.

Do not settle until you cross paths with someone who, amidst all the noise and complexities of this world, will say, “I love you.”

And actually means it.

If you are capable of going all in for love, don’t you think you deserve to be with someone who can offer you more than just an almost?

You Deserve More Than An Almost Kind Of Love
You Deserve More Than An Almost Kind Of Love

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