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This Is How You Deal with Breakups Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Your destiny is written in the stars: what type of personality you are drawn to, how you react to various situations life throws at you, why you are anxious, depressed or happy, what goes around in the darkest parts of your mind, etc.

But, what happens when you break up with someone? Are you predestined to act in a certain way? Is it written somewhere how each person deals with the crumbling pain that is heartbreak?

Of course, it is. People have certain patterns of behavior which are not accidental. All human beings are pre-dispositioned to act and react in given ways and the Zodiac is the best proof that is the truth.

If you’ve just come out of a breakup or you’re suspecting it could be on the horizon, check out your Zodiac sign and see how to deal with it.

Maybe that will help you go through that period less painfully or completely painlessly.

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If you are bored in a relationship, you’ve got nothing to worry about. As soon as you get tired of your partner you will break up with them and move on to a more thrilling adventure—Next, please!

But, if someone breaks your heart for no particular reason (as far as you are concerned) you will seek revenge.

Nevertheless, that revenge mode won’t keep you busy for a long time. You have the ability to bounce back and get over the fact you were dumped in a blink of an eye.

Your motto is: “Life goes on.”

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The most famous trait of your personality is stubbornness. The same goes when it comes to relationships.

First of all, you won’t admit defeat in a relationship in which chances for survival are zero to none.

Second of all, when your relationship has finally come to an end, you still won’t accept it— you are delusional.

But, when you do reconcile with the fact the two of you are done, there is no way your partner will ever win you back. That is how stubborn you are, which is actually good because you will think twice before making the same mistake.

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You can come across as heartless when actually, that is not the case at all. While being in a relationship, you can change your mind at any moment—today you are head-over-heels in love and tomorrow you couldn’t care less.

You can handle breakups very easily because you are not a fan of long-term relationships. But, if you do end up in a serious relationship, a break up will hit you hard.

Your coping mechanism is usually work, work, work.

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You are known to be the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. When you are in a relationship, you put your heart and soul to it. You can and will love your partner truly and deeply.

When and if you break up with someone, you will cry your eyes out, in the privacy of your own home.

From the outside, you will look like as if nothing has happened. It is not likely that you will display your pain to other people.

Once you’re done with crying and when you accept the fact it’s over, there’s no chance your partner will win you back.

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Your main trait is your pride. When being in a relationship, you are devoted to your partner. But, as soon as you realize that your pride has been hurt, you will roar out of anger.

You think that you are right all the time. That is the reason most of your relationships end in the first place.

When your relationship is finally over, you are convinced your partner will come crawling back because you are the best thing that has ever happened to him or her.

One more thing—if you happen to be cheated on, you are no stranger to some revenge s*x.

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As a true perfectionist, when in a relationship, you expect your partner to be as perfect as you are, so admitting defeat (imperfection) doesn’t come easily to you.

Other than that, when you do realize things have come to an end, you will take it as a ‘big boy/girl’.

The one thing you will be concerned with is how the people around you are going to take it.

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When you are in a serious relationship, like a test, you ace it. There is almost no chance that someone will break up with you.

If, for some reason, that happens, you will approach the matter very seriously. It’s important to you that things remain fair for both sides.

Nevertheless, you won’t give up the fight so easily. You will do anything in your power to win your partner’s heart back—time for some serious romance stuff!

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Due to the fact you are very passionate, you don’t handle breakups very well. You are very private when it comes to your relationship and you won’t show your feelings in public.

But, when someone breaks up with you, the fact that you are passionate may cause you to get revenge on your partner, or even react violently.

You will never give your partner the satisfaction of knowing how you’re feeling, except when your breakup becomes old news—this is when you will be ready to put your cards on the table and tell your partner how you really felt.

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You are not an easy fish to catch. You are not a fan of long-term relationships, but if it happens to be you’re in one, you will go in “for the long haul”.

So, when it comes to a breakup, you won’t take it well. You will be mean to your partner and you will say anything that comes to your mind, without even thinking about it.

But, when the fact you two are over settles down, you will realize you are independent and that being single will not do you any harm.

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You are known as the most ambitious sign of them all. So, when it comes to breakups, you won’t take “no” for an answer.

You will do anything possible to save your relationship except when your partner is not as ambitious as you are.

If you break up with someone who won’t follow your successful footsteps, you will get over him or her easily.

But, if you break up with someone who shares your ambition, you will continue setting up crazy-high goals (as usual), to which you will dedicate your time and life—to keep yourself safe from hurting.

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You just appear to be emotionless when actually, you are very sensitive.

Because of that, you may appear to be cold and distant but you are not. The reason why that seems to be the case is that you are very logical.

So, every time your relationship ends, you use logic to spare yourself heartbreak.

You are intelligent enough to realize that ending a relationship is not the end of the world— life goes on.

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You are very dedicated when it comes to relationships. It is almost impossible to break up with you.

But, when one succeeds in doing that, you will play the victim and make your partner feel bad for dumping you. This will be an Oscar-worthy presentation.

If all that fails, you will distance yourself from the rest of the world and suffer deeply.

Also, it takes you much longer to heal than any other Zodiac sign.

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