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The Most Compatibility Signs For A Virgo Based On My Experience With Them

I’m always drawn to particular people for whatever reason written in the stars, and it’s not until later that I discover about their signs.

My zodiac sign is Virgo. My rising sign is Capricorn, and my moon is in Cancer. My best friend of almost 13 years is a Capricorn, and one of the most significant relationships I’ve ever had was with a Cancer man. Is this a coincidence, or are Virgos and those signs actually compatible? I’d like to believe both of these things.

Virgos appear to get along best with four certain signs, depending on whether they’re in a sexual relationship or a strong friendship, in my experience.

A Taurus or a Capricorn is a Virgo’s best friend.


The wonderful thing about a Taurus-Virgo friendship is that they both want to be respected and liked.
A Taurus prefers to be friends with everyone, whereas a Virgo prefers to be among those who are in perfect harmony. As long as you are respectful of them, a Taurus will appreciate you and your friendship.

A Virgo simply wants to know that they’re doing an excellent job…of…being a Virgo, I suppose? They normally prefer to put the other person first, and they want to make sure they’re doing a good job. A Taurus will provide a sense of security and kindness to a Virgo who is looking for assurance that they are protected and cherished. It’s a win-win situation.

Because of their intense quest for efficiency, Capricorns and Virgos get along like no one else.

In all they do, Capricorns are responsible and ambitious. They are simply born leaders. Those supposedly controlling tendencies of Capricorns are desirable to Virgos, who desire things to be accomplished in a timely, orderly manner, albeit Virgos aren’t generally like that.

Capricorns and Virgos aren’t the best when it comes to emotions. Capricorns are normally emotionally reserved, but Virgos want to communicate their feelings (because they get anxious if they don’t). As a result of this, Virgos grow too fearful of being judged to be emotional, and they learn to be emotionally guarded as well. It’s not a problem, though, because the Virgo is pleased as long as the Capricorn is happy (and not showing emotions).

Cancers and Pisces have much stronger Virgo-Cancer or Pisces-Cancer .


Cancer-Virgo is a powerful and loving combination. Anxiety is also a factor.
Both of these indicators are emotionally aware, and they usually appreciate giving their best to someone they care about, even if it means being too sensitive.

Because they care so deeply about other people and things, Cancers can become clinging and needy at times. They enjoy being looked after, whereas Virgos, on the other hand, enjoy looking after others. In an odd way, a Virgo finds a Cancer’s neediness comforting. Cancerians and Virgos both desire to be liked and needed. How much more in sync could you possibly be?


Isn’t it true that opposites attract?

Pisces and Virgo are sister signs, therefore they aren’t full opposites. To put it another way, they have a lot of disagreements and frequently question each other, but they remain open-minded, which is why they get along so well.

Pisces and Virgos are passionate lovers with a lot of love in their hearts. They simply go about it in a less or more visible manner. They approach love and expressing feelings in completely different ways depending on their moon signs. Nonetheless, it serves them well. They’re a great match.


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