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Horoscope: find out if and how carefree you are. Here is the opinion of the stars.

Within the twelve houses of the zodiac, there are signs with characteristics of all kinds and which in one way or another balance with their way of being, making each one excels in certain areas and is lacking in others. This gives a sort of cosmic balance and also forms a very specific profile of each of us which, precisely based on the zodiac sign of belonging, can be described through the characteristics that most distinguish it. Among these, one that is often not considered but which has a lot of importance in describing a person is light-heartedness. Each zodiac sign is or is not based on a whole series of factors. Earth signs, for example, usually tend to be more concrete than others, although of course there are always the due exceptions. To get to know each other better, today, after having seen what the hidden side of each of us is and what the month of December will be like, we will find out if and how much we are carefree people. To deepen the subject, it is preferable to also check the profile relating to your ascendant.

Find out if you are a carefree person or not

Aries – Definitely carefree
Of all the signs, yours is one of the most carefree. Used to say what you think without paying particular attention to what others think, you live freely without following the rules too much. What matters to you is to feel good and surround yourself with people you can have fun with. Of course, sometimes you’re being carefree and risk pushing yourself towards superficiality. By working on it a little, however, you can also improve this aspect, keeping only the positive part of your way of being.

Taurus – Almost not carefree
As a good earth sign that you are, being carefree is not within your means. Even if you try, you almost always end up stopping to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of everything. Living for the day or without having thought about every single move is not like you and for this reason, sometimes you risk being a bit heavy, especially for those who, unlike you, love to live in a completely different way. What matters, however, is that it is you who feel good and if this way of living things makes you happy it is right not to change them. Conversely, if you feel that you would like a little more lightheartedness, you will just have to train. This too can be learned after all.

Gemini – Carefree in a variable way
As with many of the aspects that characterize you, your being carefree also acts on different levels. If on the one hand, you tend to be quite concrete, on the other you have a great need for lightness, which often pushes you to go against the tide, even doing things that in some ways you feel far from your way of being. The result is a sort of dichotomy between moments of lucid concreteness and others of absolute lightheartedness. Between the two, the one that stands out most is however the light side that emerges especially when you are with others or wake up with the sole intent of having fun.

Cancer – Little tending to be carefree
Even if you are a water sign you are strangely not carefree. This is because you focus too easily on problems and what you think is not going your way. Pouting about every little thing and letting yourself get anxious is an aspect you should work on to be freer and less intolerant towards many aspects of life that if taken in the right way could certainly reserve you better moments. Seeing is believing.

Leo – Very carefree
As typical of your sign, you like to take life head-on, facing every aspect without fear. This way of doing it allows you to dive into the most disparate situations, mostly grasping the positive sides and learning from the negative ones. An attitude that denotes a certain lightness of mind which in turn is only possible thanks to a base of superficiality that you know well hide but which is part of your way of being and, potentially, is also part of your success.

Virgo – With little carefree
All in all, despite your proverbial critical sense and the negativity that distinguishes you, you turn out to be more carefree than expected. Of course, among all the signs you do not position yourself at the top of the ranking but among the earth signs, you are among the least rigid. Perhaps your way of coming from the need to abstract from everyday problems and negative thoughts now and then. The fact is that when you put yourself in it, it turns out to be carefree and even company. In short, a real surprise for everyone.

Libra – With a good dose of lightheartedness
Although you often tend to take it when you find that someone disagrees with your way of thinking, you manage to put aside every problem to enjoy the moments in life that you deem worthy of attention. This carefree side of you is always very present, making you, all in all, one of the happiest zodiac signs in the zodiac. Your form of light-heartedness is also very appreciated by those around you and thanks to you they can feel their best.

Scorpio – Carefree at the right point
Your creative disposition leads you to be a particularly carefree person. Your way of being, however, is always very cerebral and never superficial. This leads you to take everything in the right way, even managing to defeat any adversity thanks to the ideas you have and which allow you to make even the most critical situations turn in your favor. Of course, perhaps calling yourself carefree is a little excessive but in some ways, this term best represents your speed of reflection and the ability to find quick and effective solutions where others would easily go into crisis.

Sagittarius – The most carefree of all
Well yes, if you could draw up a ranking you would surely be in the first place. Being carefree for you is so easy that you don’t even have to think about it. Soul of the party and with your mind always in turmoil, you always try to find a way to have fun and grasp the positive aspect of every situation. Now and then, however, this way you do it leads you to be a little superficial, forgetting that others may have different needs from yours. A minimum of forethought towards others, therefore, would certainly make you more appreciated.

Capricorn – The least carefree of the whole zodiac
Unlike those born under the sign of Sagittarius, your carefree being is practically under your shoes. For you who are always concrete and dutiful, on the other hand, it could not be otherwise.
Just the thought of letting yourself go to something frivolous or taking life more lightly makes you shiver, almost as if it means failing at what you do. Sure, your practical sense is something good when it comes to working. In your free time, however, try to relax a bit. Detaching from time to time helps to recharge your mind and make you clearer for future decisions to be made.

Aquarius – Carefree
Your level of carefreeness is good enough and in proportion to what you are experiencing at the moment. If you are busy with important matters, the tendency is in fact to put aside all entertainment to complete what you are doing. When you are free, however, you can enjoy yourself and relax and even if you are quite reflective and therefore not inclined to be universally carefree you are enough for yourself.

Pisces – Moderately carefree
Let’s say you are in perfect balance between being carefree and down-to-earth. Your way of pushing you above all to be a great dreamer who, when needed, knows how to understand where your limits are and when it is better to be more concrete. Of course, perhaps the many thoughts that occupy your mind will never make you completely carefree, nevertheless, you know how to find moments of lightness among the many commitments.

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