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Bravest Zodiac Women That If They Fall Put On Heels To Stand On The Sadness

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I find it most curious when people tell you that they admire your strength as if you had a choice. This is how it is, sometimes you have to be the one who celebrates and other times the one who wipes the tears. Nobody said that life is fair, some imbalances shake you until you believe that you are not going to achieve it. But you know what? In the end, you can always, and much more. They are the women who, if they fall, are put on heels to trample on their sadness. You can see them destroyed, with the dark circles screaming their problems and loneliness adorning their eyes, but they re-ignite the volcano that is inside them and that is when no one can stop them. They are the brave of the zodiac signs: 

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1.- Aries 

You are stupid, so much so that you demand perfection from yourself, but Aries, you have to know that it is okay not always to be the best at everything. You like to be the one who takes the reins, but there are times when you exceed your own physical, mental, and emotional health. You must learn to say “no” because it is not fair that you continue to carry problems that do not correspond to you. You are not afraid of conflict, but you know that there are people who are not worth it, stop putting your hands in the fire for those who are only sinking you. I know it is not easy, because your impatience and your desire to control everything play with your emotions, but you must stop. Read well, you can alone, you do not need to depend on anyone, do not let them humiliate you. You are to shine, to love, to enjoy. Now get up, make yourself pretty, and go out and stomp on all those sadnesses. 

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2.- Taurus 

A woman who does not let anyone rule her life, one of the women who, if they fall, put on heels to trample on sadness. It has cost you a lot of stumbling blocks to assert yourself on the road, so, you are no longer going to give weapons to anyone to hurt you. If you have something clear, it is that the fact that you have failed does not mean that everything is a failure, now you keep the lessons learned and prefer to keep the regrets in a drawer. Taurus, you are the woman who dreams of something big and you will not stop until you feel very proud of yourself. Sometimes you feel that emotions are overwhelming you, that you want a break, but even if you feel broken you keep moving forward, that is more admirable than anything. People can judge you, say that you only look at the superficial because they do not know your story and the truth is that by now you are lazy to clear up rumors. Let them say what they want, the important thing is that you do not lose yourself, you are the one who dresses with a lot of self-love and makes your steps heard loudly.

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3.- Gemini 

A Gemini doesn’t have time to mull it over, they just won’t let anything or a person affect their mood. She is the woman who takes the things from whom they come, period. If someone does not tolerate her happiness, it is her problem, to work on it, because it has already cost her enough to paint her world in colors, to still deal with other people’s traumas. If something distinguishes you from the rest, it is that you resist, only you know each of the battles that you have overcome and the pain that you have saved yourself. Like all scarred, but never defeated. In the end, Gemini knows that what matters is to show themselves as they are, they do not want to have to pretend to be accepted, by whoever loves them and who does not also. You have already gone through seasons of hatred, sorrow, and sadness, but you dare to keep smiling. That is you Gemini, the one who not only tramples on sadness but also dances on top of it.

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4.- Cancer

She is the woman who will make you tremble because she is no longer willing to keep up appearances, she is eager for her emotions to be heard, but also respected. For a long time, he has had to hear that it is the emotional one, the complicated one, the one that finds drama in everything. No longer, Cancer will allow them to pigeonhole her, to try to minimize what she feels with absurd arguments. Now, he has a voice, strength, and a wounded soul that already knows how to defend himself.. It is not that the tears no longer come out, it is that now she faces them, she looks for a way to keep smiling, and she does not lose hope, because her vision of love is much bigger than the people who judge her. Cancer, you already understood that you are not here to gain the approval of anyone, as long as she believes in herself, she does not care about the rest. Cancer firmly believes in love, deep relationships, and loyalty and is not going to fall apart for someone who is not worth it.

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5.- Leo 

People can say a whole mass against you, wear themselves out to destroy your reputation, and say that you are cruel, superficial, and self-centered. What does it matter, that is nothing new for Leo, in the end, she knows that she does not have to prove anything to anyone and that those who know her know very well the quality of the person she is. Leo, when she finds love in the other, good energy, and empathy, just gives and gives, it is her generosity that speaks for her. He does not do it to look good, he is born. There is so much goodness in his soul that many times he has been left with nothing to help others, and you know what? You have no regrets, even when you have been underpaid. Because he did it from the heart and he’s not going to fall low enough to claim something like that. To Leo, She doesn’t care if you say she’s arrogant, she defines herself as a confident woman and only she knows how much it cost her to achieve it. So, do not think to lower your guard for anyone, if sadness appears, you just have to trample it.

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6.- Virgo 

Does anyone want to slow down Virgo? Good luck with that, because you already understood the art of having the steering wheel in your hands and you are simply not going to stop for anyone. For a long time, he endured and endured, looking down when he didn’t have to and even asking for forgiveness from someone who didn’t deserve it. Now, she understands that the only person she owed respect to was herself and she will never fall into the same thing again. Virgo is the woman who decided to make herself a priority, work on her goals, fulfill her whims, and love herself above all else. He will no longer run after anyone, whoever wants a seat in his life will have to prove that he deserves it. It is not that she is cold, it is that she became the best friend of caution and prefers to be a thousand times more selective than to let a lot of parasites enter her life that only rob her of energy. And to think that before I cried for those kinds of people. Now she knows that there are plenty of heels to trample on sadness.

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7.- Libra 

Happiness is a decision, it has not been easy for you to reach that conclusion, but since you understood that the power is in your hands, there is no longer anyone who can cloud your walk. Libra, you decided to value your life, be with the people who drive you, listen to music that calms your soul, and read texts that inspire you. You have put such a big twist on everything that you no longer feel threatened by anything. Now, before you lose control with someone who wants to annoy you, you try to put yourself in their shoes to find out why they are trying to get revenge for their lack of you. It’s not that you always have the best humor in the world, there are days when you can’t stand it, but at least you don’t let yourself fall like before. You have the gift of holding onto joy, clearing your mind, and loving your body. You are not going to lose your balance so easily, so much injury taught you that there are times when you have no other, you have to look up and keep moving because sadness is not forever.

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8.- Scorpio 

You were on this list of women who, if they fall, put on heels to trample on sadness, Scorpio. Blessed is the day that you embraced your self-love, that you decided to put yourself first and simply believe in yourself. You are a woman who can now say with a smile on her face that she is fully proud of all that she has accomplished. It is not that you are no longer afraid, but you prefer to focus on your qualities. People are always going to talk, it’s something you can’t control, but you’re not going to let their bad vibe litter your way. You are a woman of decisions and actions, whoever cannot with that can leave the moment they decide. You are no longer here to beg anyone, you got tired of being the one who always gives, you do not think to accept another crumb. Your self-esteem is a priority and your dignity is no game, if you want to know your cruel side you are going to meet the most indifferent woman on this planet. You are not bad or holy, you are just how they treat you, the best thing is that they know how to deal with the consequences of their actions. Because you no longer have mercy, sadness lifts you up and brings out the strength that is inside you. The one that destroys everything in its path, you are definitely in control.

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