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The Biggest Relationship Insecurity Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

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Scars from past relationships.

Aries is not someone who forgets quickly if they have been hurt in the past; they will carry that hurt and their fears into a new relationship.

While they don’t find someone they can fully trust, they will feel insecure in a relationship due to a fear that their history will repeat itself.

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Being in a relationship is scary in itself.

It’s not they don’t crave being in a relationship, it’s just that their fear of being broken from all of it is deeper than their desires.

Taureans enter into relationships cautiously; it has something to do with their past relationships or complicated family dynamics they lived through or witnessed happening.

Taurus has to find a partner who makes them feel safe and loved, otherwise their fears will overpower them.

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Being cheated on.

Being cheated on themselves or witnessing someone suffer due to cheating turned Geminis into people who live in fear of being betrayed by the person they love.

They carry that fear in their subconscious and they can become jealous or paranoid even if the person they are in a relationship with has never given them a reason to doubt them.

Their insecurities can also come from themselves because on a subconscious level, they think someone better than them will take their loved one away from them.

It’s the insecurity they need to shake off as soon as possible because it’s sabotaging their chances of a healthy and meaningful relationship.

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Not being good enough.

Cancerians are loving and empathic beings, they put the needs of others before their own and they value others more than they do themselves.

They seek constant reassurance and validation in a relationship.

They tend to rely on their partner to make them feel good about themselves and to make them happy.

That’s something they will have to learn to do for themselves if they want to be happy in a relationship.

Giving reassurances every now and then is OK and more than welcome but there comes a point where it all becomes overbearing for your partner.

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Being less dominant.

Leos are born rulers and they don’t like to feel less in their relationship.

They have a hard time maintaining a relationship with partners who are more successful than them in life or in love.

Leos have to be on top.

Some good comes from that insecurity too; they also have zero tolerance for people who want to mess with their feelings or put them down.

Leo will cut them out of their life like they never existed.

They love hard but they always love themselves a little bit more.

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Coming across as less intelligent.

Virgos take pride in their intelligence and they don’t like dating someone who is intellectually inferior to them, they don’t like to feel stupid in the presence of someone they are really into.

Their insecurity sometimes makes them pass on someone who is worth their while.

They don’t need to lower their expectations, they just have to realize there are different types of intelligence and that just because one person is not an expert in their area, it doesn’t mean they aren’t exceptional in their own.

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The ex-factor.

Comparing themselves to their partner’s ex is something Librans tend to do even if they don’t like to admit it openly.

They are curious about who they were before them, if they can measure up and if it is going to affect what they have now.

If they keep digging into the past it will eventually kill their relationship.

Keep in mind that Libra is their ex for a good reason, the important thing is that they are with you now.

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Failing in bed.

It’s no wonder this relationship insecurity is connected to one of the most passionate zodiac signs.

Their deepest fear is disappointing and not pleasing their partner.

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Trust issues.

Their insecurities or their dating past that made them insecure doesn’t allow them to fully trust their partner and that’s why many of their relationships fail.

The truth is if they want things to last, they have to deal with those issues ASAP.

A healthy relationship can’t survive without mutual trust.

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Fear of commitment.

Most Capricorns fear commitment and it’s not their fault.

They probably had a relationship that failed without any notice or signs or a toxic relationship, complicated family relationships or something similar and fear crept in.

They simply don’t want to be hurt or end up in the wrong relationship once again.

That’s why they keep their guard up.

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Going into deep analysis.

You read too much into what your partner says or texts.

You have a habit of assuming what they think in certain moments instead of asking them, as naturally you always assume the worst.

Overanalyzing creates problems that weren’t there to begin with.

The best solution for an Aquarian’s insecurities is to let go of all the what-ifs and concentrate on what you have now and live in the moment.

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Warmhearted Pisces needs to be close to their partner, both physically and emotionally.

If they sense their partner pulling away, the insecurities will overwhelm them.

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They will be even more so if they had a former partner who disappeared from their life for no good reason.

Something every Pisces should ask themselves is if their partner is really pulling away or just guarding their personal space.

There is a huge difference between the two and it can all be sorted out by communicating with their partner.

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