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This Is What Your Biggest Nightmare Says About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign In September 2022


Killing someone — Possible repressed rage or anger, there might be someone in your life that you have issues with & need to confront, maybe a need to learn to control your anger in waking life.


Teeth falling out and/or crumbling — possible financial stress and worry, issues with vanity, stressful change out of their control


Choking — Finding yourself unable to adequately express yourself, possible unnurtured, or I acknowledged feelings.


Injury — could indicate an emotional wound, fear of being emotionally hurt, if tending to others’ wounds could be indicative of solving a conflict with loved ones.


Naked in public — Possibly fear of being ridiculed & shamed, anxiety in trying to impress others.


Apocalyptic nightmares — are usually indicative of a tremendous amount of stress, something looming in the near future, or feeling like your life is in disorder & chaos.


Being chased — Avoiding something in your life that needs to be confronted, be it emotional, a relationship, or problems with Work/school, etc.


Dying — Signs that an old part of yourself has ceased to exist, There may have been a major change in your life.


Being trapped — is a common indicator of feeling stuck in a dead-end job, relationship, or place. Could be a fear of being unable to reach your full potential due to circumstance


Falling — Fear of failure, working too much, feeling a loss of control, etc.


Seeing the dead — Typically indicative of a fear of change out of your control, a new understanding is needed, to embrace a new way of thinking


Drowning — putting all your effort into something and getting nothing back, overwhelmed by your emotions, something is difficult to face and emotionally process, repressed issues.

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