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The Best And The Worst Thing About Dating Your Zodiac Sign


Your positive energy

The thing your partner likes about being in a relationship with you is your optimism and positivity.

You have this amazing ability to find the light even in the darkest hours and always hope for the best, even when everyone else loses faith.

You manage to cheer your better half up just by being near them and you find words of comfort when they need them the most.

Who wouldn’t love dating someone like you?

Your competitive nature

However, the thing that annoys your romantic partners is your competitive spirit.

Instead of seeing the two of you as a team, you perceive your partner as your opponent, which usually brings a lot of unnecessary tension in your relationship.

Striving to be the best is a great quality, but in most cases, you exaggerate. Besides, your other half is your teammate, not someone you should beat.


Your protective nature

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl, you’re a born protector.

Ever since you were a little kid, you took care of your siblings, relatives, and friends and you’ve continued to do so with your significant other.

Your partner’s well-being is the number one priority for you

You’re ready to go the extra mile to help them out and make sure they’re safe and happy.

You’re everyone’s superhero and there to save your better half from all troubles life throws at them.

Your stubbornness

On the other hand, you tend to ruin all of your positive qualities with just one negative trait – stubbornness.

You’re convinced that you’re always right and you know what’s best, which can get pretty annoying for the other person.


Your playfulness

If you are a Gemini, you’re the life of every party.

You bring tons of fun and laughter wherever you show up, so it is pretty obvious why you have no trouble winning over the object of your affection.

You’re easy-going and have a great sense of humor, which can help out the most depressed person.

Even when something bad happens, you manage to make the situation better with your amazingly playful character.

Your pettiness

What nobody sees about you at a first glance is your pettiness.

People assume that you don’t have a problem with forgiving the ones who have done you harm, but the truth is that you can easily get offended by the most irrelevant things.


Your devotion

Nobody is a more devoted romantic partner than you.

When you fall in love with someone, you give them your entire heart, without holding any part of it back.

There are no mind games, no mixed signals.

You want to label things from the very start and even start planning a future together quickly after you realize you’ve finally found the one.

You are fully committed to your relationship and have no problem whatsoever with being faithful.

In fact, your entire being is reserved for your partner and you have eyes for them only.

Your neediness

However, the depth of your emotions often causes you some relationship problems, the first of which is your clinginess.

You become so scared that you’ll lose your significant other that you start suffocating them to the point where they feel caged.


Your big heart

Even though most people don’t know this about you, the truth is that underneath the multiple layers of your ego, there is a kind-hearted person.

Despite popular opinion, you’re anything but selfish towards the ones you love and this especially goes for your romantic partner.

And your big heart is exactly the best thing about dating you.

It’s knowing that at the end of the day, despite all of their flaws, you’re involved with a genuinely good person.

Your craving for attention

On the other hand, most of your partners have trouble putting up with your desire for the spotlight.

You have to be in the center of attention wherever you appear, which becomes quite annoying after a while.


Your helpful nature

All people belonging to this zodiac sign are born fixers and you’re no exception.

You’re always at your partner’s service, ready to give them a hand when they need it, and more than willing to guide them through life.

Your perfectionism

When it comes to you, the best and the worst thing about dating you are, ironically, pretty much the same.

The truth is that you attract others with your helpful nature but in most cases, that’s exactly what chases them away at the end.

You’re a perfectionist and want everything about you to be flawless.

This isn’t a problem for anyone until you start channeling your perfectionism through to your partner.

You expect them to do everything your way and you end up acting like their parent, instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.


Your calmness

When it comes to this zodiac sign, the best thing about being with you is the fact that you despise drama.

In the modern dating world, when most people make a fuss about every little thing, spending time with you who does everything to avoid arguments is quite refreshing.

Not only that, it’s like your calm nature has a therapeutic effect on everyone around you.

You have the ability to bring peace into your partner’s life, which is without doubt a desirable characteristic.

Your indecisiveness

On the other hand, the thing that your significant other despises about you is your indecisiveness.

Sometimes, it appears like you don’t have an opinion of your own but are just waiting for someone else to make your life choices on your behalf.


Your passion

When people call you passionate, most of them think about bedroom activities only.

Even though this is also a field in which you rarely fail, the thing that attracts others is your passion in everything else in life as well.

You have some kind of fire in yourself that can’t be found in everyone.

You bring excitement and thrill in everyone’s life, which makes you hard to resist.

Your jealousy

The worst thing about dating you is most certainly your jealousy.

You’re a committed romantic partner and want the same treatment from the other person – a perfectly reasonable demand.

Nevertheless, on more than one occasion, your desire for having a completely loyal partner gets out of hand and you display it as unhealthy jealousy.


Your optimism

As a Sag, you’re also one of the signs whose optimism is their best personality trait.

You never let your partner see things negatively nor you allow them to fail into despair, even when everything around you is going downhill.

Even when it’s unrealistic, your optimism often saves the day.

You have the ability to pick just the right words of encouragement that helps every person you date go through life with a lot more ease.

Your self-pity

However, what many don’t know is that you’re actually not as positive as you appear at first sight.

Actually, your optimism works like a charm when it comes to everyone around you, besides yourself.

There are times when you let self-pity get the best of you.

You become depressed and convinced that you have it the worst, which becomes frustrating for the person you share your life with.


Your hard-working skills

You’re the biggest worker of the zodiac.

It’s not that you’re chasing your career only, you’re simply someone who’s capable of many things and never had trouble with finding a job and doing it the best way possible.

This is especially an appealing trait if you’re a man.

Girls see you as someone they can rely on in the future and appreciate your hard-working character.

Your introvert nature

However, problems appear when your work becomes the only thing your entire life revolves around.

You’re always too busy to do something fun, try new activities, or meet new people.

Naturally, after a while, your partner feels like they have a financial provider or a business partner instead of a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Your creativity

When it comes to Aquarians, your best personality trait is without doubt creativity.

And I’m not talking about the way you pick your presents or how you make the best possible romantic surprises.

In fact, what makes you appealing to potential admirers is your creative way of resolving problems and finding solutions to them.

Your emotional walls

On the other hand, the thing people hate about dating you is the high emotional walls you’ve built around your heart.

You have a lot of trouble letting people all the way in and that even applies to your romantic partner.


Your empathy

The best thing about dating you is your empathy.

No matter what they’ve done or not done, you always find some kind of justification for your partner’s behavior.

However, that doesn’t make you stupid or foolish.

The point is that you always give your best to walk a mile in their shoes before drawing any conclusions.

Your over-sensitivity

On the other hand, the problem is that you’re overly sensitive.

You get easily offended and you can start crying in the blink of an eye.

Even though this is usually something you can’t control, your partner feels like they have to walk on eggshells around you, which makes them exhausted.

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