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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Loves Fearlessly

Yes, we often paint it with roses and sunset backdrops, sweet words, and nights spent lying next to each other. When we talk about the significant parts of love, they’re perfect. Almost too good to be true, it seems.

Yet when we look at the other side of love, it can be a terrifying journey.

Because being open and vulnerable with someone is rough. Thinking of someone else’s feelings rather than yours is harder than it seems. And if you’ve been burned by love before, the process is that much scarier.

Love isn’t easy every moment of the day. It’s not supposed to be. It’s not meant to be taken lightly or brushed aside. It demands your heart and your attention. It asks for you, fully. It also asks you to trust it, even when you’re afraid.

That’s why the best relationship of your life will be with a girl who loves fearlessly.

She loves fearlessly, but not because she’s unafraid. Not because she has no fear—she’s human, of course. Yet the way she loves is fearless. It’s dedicated, and it shows up when it’s needed (and even when it’s not). It understands the risks that love requires, and does it anyway.

She loves fearlessly because she recognizes that her past, or yours, isn’t the determination of your present. She knows that the choices you both make right now will decide what your future holds. She’s been hurt, and she knows you have too, but she knows that this just gives you a chance to love each other better.

She loves fearlessly because she knows what it means to have someone believe the best in you. She knows she could sit around and point out your flaws, your mistakes, the times you’ve been imperfect. Yet she recognizes that you also have incredible qualities, moments of kindness, and how much you care for her, as well as for those around you. She knows how hard you try, and she wants to be someone supporting you. She wants to encourage your growth.

She loves fearlessly because not doing so means loving skeptically. It means having to second-guess everything you say and do. It means closing herself off to protect her heart from what might happen. She knows that she will only love in small doses, and that’s not the way she wants to be. She understands that not everyone is worthy of her time, love, and loyalty. But if she’s chosen to love you, she won’t do it halfway. If you give her a reason, later on, she can move on to someone who will match her dedication. She also knows she will never fully know until she tries.

She loves fearlessly because she recognizes that love isn’t wasted on the “wrong ones.” She knows her love isn’t a tank that empties if she gives one person too much. She knows that she may have wasted her time in some way, she will always have more love to give, it’s who she is. She may have other fears, but running out of love isn’t one of them.

She loves fearlessly, not because you’re perfect and couldn’t ever hurt her. She is aware that you may not be perfect, and neither is she, but you both will work through your problems together because you want to, and that something doesn’t have to tear you apart unless you let it. She knows that while love can be complicated and can fall apart, it doesn’t have to without a fight, and she is ready for it.

When it’s all said and done, the best relationship of your life will be with a girl who loves fearlessly, because that kind of love is life-changing. It shows you what love looks like when it stays. When it fights. When it gives everything it can. She loves fearlessly because she believes you are worth it. Recognize how beautiful that is, how important that is.

And then, choose to love her fearlessly right back.

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