Zodiac Signs

Based on the Month You Were Born, Determine What Kind of Best Friend You Are.

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The “How Does She Do It All?” Friend

This girl parties like Serena van der Woodsen and plots like Blair Waldorf. She got her dream job straight out of college. When she is dating she is really dating, she has a few guys on rotation. However, when she is taken she is the perfect wifey. This girl can do no wrong. She is a goal getter and she has no time for nonsense. She can host the perfect dinner party and also get blackout drunk and kicked out of the bar in the same night—this actually happens quite often. She wants the most out of life, she works hard and plays harder. She is not one for choosing- she manages to juggle everything. (We have no idea how? But she does.)

January is the first month it is the symbol of ambition and change. The January BFF lives right now. It is not “someday” for her, her time is of the essence. While this girl is superwoman most of the time, she can also be a walking contradiction. At one moment she is your perfect partner in crime, the next she can be MIA for weeks. It’s not her fault she just prioritizes herself more than her friends because most goal-oriented people do. It is not because she doesn’t care. She is just unaware that her fleeting actions can sometimes be perceived as selfish instead of busy. We are all busy but we all still need each other.


Those Who Wander Are Not Always Lost Friend

This girl seems like she has her head in the clouds, but she knows exactly what she is doing. She is not one to brag she is quite humble. She is very well-rounded, some people may mistake that for being flighty. While she seems like she can be “all over the place” she is actually very decisive.

She is the mysterious friend that we can never figure out. No matter how many years of knowing her she can always still keep us guessing. There is something about the February friend that we can not exactly put our finger on. She is simply effortless in the best way possible. She is smart without trying too hard to be. She is loyal without labels. She is confident with silence. She is understated because she never feels like she needs to overcompensate.

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“I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings” Friend

Artsy, dramatic, kind, naive, dreamer, you are a March baby. You have all this creativity, you have all this drive, but being focused is your downfall. It is not because you are not focused enough, it is the exact opposite actually. You are focusing on the wrong things. Your feelings can tend to override your logic. You focus way too much on what other people think of you. In reality, those people do not really matter. You are psyching yourself out for no reason. It’s not that your feelings are unjustified, but if you would learn to care less you could save yourself a lot of tears. People really do not think about you as much as you think they do. Do not let them have this unnecessary power over you.

The March bestie is the friend you have 5 missed calls from on your lunch break but also goes on an unexpected trip on a whim without telling anyone. It’s all or nothing with the March BFF. They live on feelings and thrive on instinct. They are the crazy best friend helping you stalk your ex and the girl you can cry to at 3 am at the same time. This girl is like an onion she has layers.


The Get Your Life Together Friend.

Nothing is more surprising than the April bestie. One minute they are laughing by your side the next they are as serious as Annalise Keating. This girl is a lot of fun, but do not let her good sense of humor fool you – she is no joke. She is very passionate about her principles and stays true to her beliefs. She does not compromise her values for anyone, however, she is still not judgemental. She is the perfect friend to ask for advice. April BFF does not tell you what you want to hear, but she does not slut-shame or judge you either.

April babies are very decisive. They do not tend to beat around the bush. They know what they want when they want it. This friend is not one to dwell on the past. They get up, they move on. The April BFF is your inspirational friend to kick your own butt! Their brutal honesty can scare you sometimes, but you know they are living truth of what is real.

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The Never Give Up On You Friend

This girl is always on the other end of the phone listening to your endless guy drama. The May friend is always your first call, whether it be when you need a study buddy, a sushi lunch date, or just want to split a bottle of wine spur of the moment because it’s Wednesday. This friend is always motivated and understanding. Although even she has her limits with you. She can only tell you so many times that the guy you are with is wrong for you. While she tells you are wrong, she never stops listening.

The May friend can be stubborn, but it comes from her heart, not her pride. Everything is always with good intention with the May friend. She is a strong, hard-working friend which is evident in every aspect of her life. Her never-give-up attitude makes her a success in the workplace and with her personal life. She is a strong believer in communication, she will always try to talk everything out.


The MIA Friend

This girl is the life of the party and she makes the most out of her time. She always takes photos, she always gets drunk, and she always disappears. She is the symbol of curiosity. She is enchanted by new experiences and wants to live her life to the fullest. She is always up for anything, but she is not known to be Miss Reliable. She is a dreamer, not a realist. While she is full of excitement, she can sometimes take on more than she can chew. The June friend has a diversified range of interests. As much as she would like to commit to everything, there are only so many hours in a day.

The June gal is a jack of many trades, she wears many hats and wears every type of masque. She is hard to read because she is constantly changing. Every day is a new adventure. Every day is a new identity. There is never a dull moment with the June BFF. She is your confidante and your escape all at the same time. She is as beautiful as she is complex. Remember nothing simple is worth it.

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Psychic BFF

You are very intuitive but you like to keep that to yourself. You read people better than they could ever imagine. You can be secretive, but you are also very genuine. You do not scream for attention, which is why some people may confuse you for shy. You aren’t necessarily shy you are just not obnoxious. You like who you like. If you have nothing nice to say you don’t need to say anything at all.

You are friendly to all, yet you can have a dark sense of humor. Sarcasm is your go-to defense mechanism. Some people may not always get you, and that can be frustrating at times. While you are guilty of a temper tantrum every now and then most of the time you know better. Your peaceful nature is often confused with innocence, however, it is omniscient.


The Crying Cheerleader

You are fun, you are a hopeless romantic, you have a smile that lights any room (and you know it). You have the confidence of the head cheerleader, but you secretly have the self-esteem of the understudy in the drama club. You are funny but you are not laughing when the joke is on you. You can dish out, but sorry August girl you can not always take it.

You are the perfect plus one to any event. You are fearless. You are not afraid of trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. You are generous and caring. You are not afraid to speak your mind. However, you tend to masque your insecurity with your giant ego. The August BFF acts like the girl everyone wants, she puts herself on her own pedestal. As the great Britney Spears once said: “she’s so lucky, she’s a star, but she cries…”

While your confidence is overwhelming, there is a brooding artist in you that wants more than what is on the surface. This girl is in a constant battle with her pride and her heart. She acts the most together, she won’t let anyone know it but she cries in the bathroom alone. She has contradicting sides to her personality. Everyone depends on her, but she doesn’t know who to depend on. She is the first to offer help, but the last to take it.

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Secret Mastermind

If January was Serena van der Woodsen, September is Blair Wardolf. The master planner/schemer. An incredible memory, you were a private investigator in another life. You love control; you need it. When one thing in your life is not working out, you do not accept it. Plausible deniability, as B would say. If your love life has just blown up on flames, you do not fret. You go to Paris, get your dream job, become the superwoman you always wanted to be. When something goes missing in your life, you fill the void instantly with something else or someone. Usually, you distract yourself with work, you do not dwell and mourn, you switch your focus. Everything is a game to you and you always win (but you already knew that).

Your “games” can come off as childish and stubborn. But truthfully you are self-aware and already know this. However, you are too set in your ways to change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Why change when you are already perfect?

The September BFF is very careful and calculated. While her demeanor can be icy, she is truly sympathetic. She may have a closet full of skeletons, but she is not heartless. She keeps secrets, but she also keeps promises.


Golden Ticket Girl

This girl is cursed with a lucky charm. She never thinks too far ahead, because she has never had to. She is not a planner. She goes with the wind and trusts fate. If it is meant to be, it will be. She does not believe in forcing destiny. The October girl is always the girl that just seems to “get it” without even trying. She glides through life effortlessly with natural beach wavy hair. She may not always know what she wants, but she knows what she doesn’t want.

Many people mistake her hippie nature as being careless. The October girl is not careless at all- she is very passionate, she just chooses not to get stressed out. The real world can be a terrible place she enjoys her fantasy. She is living proof “if you believe it, it will happen.” Mind over matter is her mantra. The October girl is all about positive energy and letting the universe take its course.

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The Frenemy.

Hard shell on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside. This girl puts up a front like no other. She walks in owning the place, but her confidence is walking on thin ice. She can’t breathe without other people’s approval. She has extremely high standards for herself and she is anything but lazy. However the higher she sets the bar, the greater her fall will be. The November girl works harder than anyone and she makes it known that her efforts do not go unnoticed. While she can be the best friend you have ever had, she will always remind you of every single little thing she has ever done for you. She is honest to the point of being hurtful. Humility is not her best quality. Patience is also not her virtue.

The scariest part of the November friend is how they are always right. It’s like they have a fifth sense or ESPN or something. They read other people better than they read themselves. Their social intuitiveness is impressive and intimidating. The November friend is intensely motivated. Their hopes and expectations are set so high, that any little discrepancy becomes a dark cloud around them. The November friend has an aggressive offense, with the most delicate defense. Their know-it-all attitude comes from insecurity, not arrogance. The brutal truth insults are their defense mechanism when they are disappointed. Truthfully their secret sensitivity is their saving grace, but they are always trying to hide this side of them.

The November friend is full of contradictions. They are easily the most high maintenance, but they are also the most empathetic. This girl can listen to your problems for months and never get bored. She is always intrigued, supportive, and honest. The November BFF is always trying to help even when it does not seem like it.


The One Everyone Loves

Hating you is like hating a puppy. You are always late and stealing our favorite heels like a little sister, but your smile is contagious. You always cheer us up- even when we are supposed to be mad at you. You are fun but still trustworthy. You hate commitment, yet we know we can still count on you. The December friend can flirt their way out of anything. They are always the first invited to the party. Girls want to be your best friend and guys want to date you and vice versa. However, the most refreshing part of the December BFF is how humble she is. She will always want attention, but she will never ask for it. She will not brag about anything, she doesn’t need to. The December friend is not insecure and she has nothing to prove to anyone. She knows who she is and she doesn’t care if you like her or not. Ironically that is what makes the December friend so attractive her “I do want I want, I am not sorry” attitude.

Sorry not sorry, the December friend has won us all over in a blink of an eye. Yet, by being the most wanted BFF she tends to overbook herself. 3 Parties in 1 night, “I can do it”, she says (but not really…) The December friend had fooled you until now, she is not perfect she is a flake. She makes promises she rarely keeps and she gets away with it every time. She is dangerous because you always forgive her.

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