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What Aries Should Expect For September 2022 (Horoscope)

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September brings great romantic prospects and excitement as Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, making your romantic encounters more passionate and memorable. Mars enters Libra on the 14th, bringing strong desires and surprises as well. If you meet someone now, expect the energies between you two to be intense. Things get better when Libra season officially begins starting on the 22nd. Prepare to be more devoted and connected to your partner now with this transit as you focus on enhancing the love and mutual respect. Single Aries will have ample chances to meet someone.


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While Saturn continues to be in Aquarius, you can see some tough energy regarding friendships and connecting with others. Some friendships will see changes and others will become stronger with this fluctuating energy. Thankfully, Jupiter is here to save things and to make the harder moments easier to navigate. This is a period of learning and growing, and although Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until December, you still have time to make peace and mend broken friendships until then.

Family and Children

This month is going to make you rediscover the importance of family with this New Moon in Virgo on the 6th, bringing more of a focus to home, routine, and self-care. Jupiter will bring a lot of opportunities to connect with family members and friends as well. An excellent time to be with family when Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th of September. It is also a good period to do something entertaining with those around you.

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