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Are you a person over the top? Here is the opinion of the stars.

When trying to define a person, many adjectives can be used, each able to describe the complexity of the characteristics that define him through a particular nuance. In the world, after all, there are simple and complicated people and for both things, there are many to discover, as well as ways of doing and thinking. Defining someone is extremely complex, as is defining oneself. There is a way of being, however, that among many tends to stand out more and be noticed and it is about being over the top. It is about that way of doing that even unknowingly never falls within the parameters considered socially normal and that for better or worse makes a person’s ways of doing stand out. If you also think you’re over the top, try and see what the stars say. After all, this way of being is also influenced by them, just like being insecure or particularly correct. To get a better idea, always remember to also check the profile related to your ascendant. Are you ready?

Find out if and how much you are over the top based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Not too over the top
As much as you like the idea of ​​getting noticed and being revolutionary or particular, you don’t turn out to be over the top. Maybe now and then you overcome them a bit but these are only brief moments after which you go back to being yourself, the free person, active but always in line with what others expect or at least with what can be considered conventionally acceptable. Which, among other things, allows you to live peacefully and without having to suffer the judgments of others.

Taurus – Not at all over the lines
It can be said that you dominate the lines and you know how far to go so as not to go beyond them. After all, lover as you are of order and all that is regular you could not do otherwise. For you, normality is something relaxing and positive that you don’t fear because of the confidence you have in your means and yourself. A normal life may not be full of adrenaline but it will allow you to enjoy several moments without too many mood swings or the fear of losing the things you care about. A reality that fits you well and therefore aims to keep you tight.

Gemini – Above and Below the Lines
Your alternating ways make you a person both unpredictable and above (and if desired, even below) the lines. Your desire to constantly change and how you relate to others without bringing who knows what problems make you appear free, sometimes a little crazy and certainly beyond any convention. After all, you at first don’t love things that have already been defined or decided by others, so carrying this label on you will certainly not be a problem, right?

Cancer – Not over the top
Your ways of being are extremely quiet and definitely inside the lines. In life, you like to surprise others with your charm or your skill but certainly not upset them with strange positions or ways of doing that do not belong to you. And as a good lover of the home environment and everything that recalls the very concept of tranquility, you are certainly a person who has no ambition to appear different from what he is or how he aims to be.

Leo – Never over the top
It’s true, you like to stand out and excel above all but to do so you need a certain order and a whole hierarchy of tasks to be carried out. Being over the top, therefore, is not for you. After all, the goals you’ve always set yourself are pretty conventional and are usually about reaching the podium of everything you approach. Whether it’s about fulfilling yourself by getting married and starting a family or becoming the boss in your workplace, it doesn’t matter. What matters to you is to move forward and always show yourself one step ahead of others. A step forward, yes, but always within the famous lines, of course.

Virgo – You draw the lines yourself
Your desire for normality and serenity is so great that in order not to leave the famous lines you would be able to draw them yourself. Being different doesn’t interest you just as you don’t like the idea of ​​being considered strange. Perhaps once upon a time, it could also intrigue you but the more time passes and the more you desire moments of serenity to share with others rather than anything else. And then we must never forget that you are the queen of rationality. And how could a rational person like you ever get out of line?

Libra – Inline and inside the lines
Although you have the right self-confidence to be able to get out of the lines, your calm and calm nature leads you to stay deep inside and make your space as pleasant as possible. This depends on many factors including your desire for simplicity and concreteness and the lack of particular ambitions that could lead you to desire something more than what you already have. Your way of being, therefore, falls absolutely within the canons considered socially acceptable, and indeed, in some ways it also outlines them, showing how you can be free without ever escaping.

Scorpio – Enough over the top
Your way of being leads you all too often to appear as a person over the top. In reality, it is something that you have no interest in being more focused on what you want and want to achieve than on what others think of you. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that you have a character and particular ways of doing things that do not go unnoticed and that, combined with your way of being, often make you appear as a different person, special in your way and outside the box and, consequently, over the top.

Sagittarius – Not as over the top as you would like
Being over the top is something you have always wanted, so much so that you can envy those who succeed in a completely natural way. Unfortunately for you, however, it is something that you do not completely succeed in, although those who do not know you thoroughly could create this illusion. The truth is that while dreaming of being special in your way, you yearn for things that are normal and that even if exalted and lived differently, they remain normal. No problem though, because you don’t have to be over the top to be special. For that, it is enough to simply be yourself.

Capricorn – Maybe under the lines
In life you like to always maintain a certain demeanor, appearing as normal as possible and in line with what others expect of you. This often makes you nervous, especially when you’re worried about not meeting other people’s expectations. Try to relax, then, because you know how to be naturally conventional to the point of being inside the lines even when you tend to overstep them a bit. A feature that you may not know you have but which is an integral part of you and which therefore allows you to even have a wider margin of action than you believe.

Aquarius – Absolutely over the top
You’re being essentially yourself always and in any case and the ability you have to completely ignore the judgment of others makes you a person who constantly lives over the top and who in the eyes of others appears as strange or definitely out of any convention. One thing that ultimately amuses you by making you feel free for the simple fact that you know that no one expects something particular from you and that this allows you to live for the day and always doing only what you like best or what you think is right. at the moment. A beautiful way of life whose only flaw is the isolation it can bring you when combined with your constant need for privacy. At least with affection try to be a little more open and available. This will help you to be able to experience everything else with complete freedom.

Pisces – Right over the top
Inside you resides an artistic soul, which feeds on dreams and thrives on empathy. How could you ever be a person inside the lines? Your living above them is something that comes to you completely normal and that, even if you wanted to, you would not be able to change unless you put aside your way of being which is also the most special part of you. Of course, you can try and be able to show yourself as almost normal in the eyes of the world, but inside you will always remain the usual dreamer a little bit special and always able to give a smile to others. Qualities that make you the right person to be over the top.

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