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Why Is Aquarius The Strange, Weird And Typical Zodiac Sign

Aquarius loves all the atypical and unique things, but sometimes they get too weird.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn and is an air sign. Saturn loves rules, laws, and boundaries, while air symbolizes intellect and mental acuity. That is why Aquarius is convinced that logic is always the answer. Aquarius season coincides with the middle of winter, the coldest and darkest time of the year, so it is not surprising that it has these features.

But this is also a time when gardeners are planting bulbs and seeds for the next season. Planting Seeds for the future is the core of this native’s energy because no other sign focuses and invests more in the future than Aquarius.

Aquarius is known for his deep thinking that finds joy in the strangest things. He has a strange view of the world and a strong desire for independence, which can lead him to become a rebel in the crowd.

Unfortunately, this perspective can sometimes detach him from the ordinary world and may seem detached or inhumane.

How is Aquarius?

Natives born under this sign are known as hyper-rational, logical beings who suppress all emotions. They think they can help someone by being cold and very rational, when in fact, those people only want emotional support.

What to expect from an Aquarius?

If you complain to an Aquarius that you are having problems with your boss, he will seriously launch a lecture explaining all the ways in which you can position yourself for better opportunities or work more efficiently. Before giving him details, he will jump in with a lot of unsolicited advice. These guidelines will mean nothing if your boss has something personal with you. When you are already in such a situation, the only useful advice is how to go out the door with your head up.

But Aquarius has something to say in this case, too, and it will teach you a lesson about preparing a letter of intent for a new job. Even if you try to explain to him that you are good at what you do, but you can’t handle the pressure, Aquarius won’t listen to you. It is difficult for him to understand the situation because he hates to accept that sometimes it is better to retire than to waste your energy in vain. These social games disgust Aquarius.

He has almost impossible ideals that he stubbornly embraces even when they run counter to their interests.
Some Aquarius is obsessed with diet or sports to the point where they think they can cure all ills. Others adopt self-help philosophies or practices that are more dizzying than you might think. Aquarius generally believes that all people should express their own version of the truth.

But this type of thinking does not suit everyone, and sometimes it can even turn against Aquarius. They end up being hurt by their strict ideals, blaming themselves for not achieving their great and sometimes impossible goals.

How is Aquarius in love?

In love, Aquarius struggles with the reality that no human being is perfect. At the first meeting, he focuses more on the flaws than on the qualities of the one in front of him. If the person is successful, he will consider that he has sold his soul to the devil. If the person has not made much progress in achieving his dreams, then criticize him for not having ambition. It is very difficult for an Aquarius to see that his partner, family, and friends do not share the same desire for ideals as he does and can quickly become argumentative.

How is Aquarius at work?

At work, Aquarius can annoy anyone because he talks too much during meetings about improving the various processes. Thus, he is prone to blunder because those around him may find him emotionally insensitive.
For a relationship with Aquarius to work, regardless of its nature, you must devote some of your time to paying attention to his interests. Spend a few wonders telling him nice things. Everyone has favorite subjects, and Aquarius is no exception. Once he feels heard, it is easier for him to relate to you and even listen to you.

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