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Aquarius Children Are Prone To Become Rich And Famous

It seems that the month in which you were born could reveal if you are prone to become rich and famous!

According to a study, children born between January 21 and February 19, that is, in the sign of Aquarius, have the highest chances of becoming famous.

The experiment, conducted in 2013 by three high school students, came to this conclusion after a random selection of one hundred celebrities and then by finding out their birthdays. Although the selection process was random, celebrities were chosen from different fields. These include singers, actors, athletes, politicians, and scientists.

Regarding celebrities, the authors mentioned that 60% of them were alive at the time of the study, and about 70% were men.

The report went on to say that among a sample of 100 people, there were more Aquarius stars than other zodiac signs.

The finding did not change when the sample was increased to 200 and then to 300 people. In fact, the positive correlation between date of birth and fame has increased.

The study noted that the characteristic features of Aquarius stars include friendship, loyalty, and originality.

Although no other zodiac sign was as consistent as Aquarius, the results showed that it was followed by Leo and Scorpio.

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