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You know that guy who tries to explain your job to you every day? Who knows it is not a ranking of the most condescending zodiac signs! Let’s find out right away together. 

Upon hearing the term condescending , for a moment, you might think of a person who, perhaps, chooses to please everyone , right?
Well, if this is the case we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong and grossly!
Today, in fact, we have chosen to ask stars and planets to tell us which are the zodiac signs that just can’t help but explain to you … what you already know!
Hey, don’t try to talk about it: isn’t it by chance that you are in the rankings too?

The most condescending zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

You don’t have time to open your mouth that that person has already started talking. She is, for the umpteenth time, explaining something you know very well .
Grrr, but how is it possible that you don’t understand that this attitude of her drives you crazy?

Perhaps it is in the ranking of the zodiac signs among the most condescending of the whole horoscope .
These are people who love explaining to others… things they already know!
They treat you as if you were a child, they belittle you and make you feel really worthless.
They are not quite the nicest people on the face of the Earth!

Better to find out immediately which are the zodiac signs that tend to be more condescending … don’t you think?

Aries: fifth place

We don’t know if the reason Aries are condescending is due to an (almost) total lack of humor or to the fact that they just don’t understand that others have thoughts too.
In any case, unfortunately for Aries and for us, they are in the ranking of the most condescending zodiac signs !

An Aries will always try to explain something obvious and blatant to you – they expect you to not understand it! If you make even a joke about it it will be impossible to explain to him that you were joking. She will always think of you as nice people… but a little dumb!

Libra: fourth place

Accustomed as they are to pleasing others, those born under the sign of Libra are people who do not have many scruples even to … treat them with condescension!
Libra , in fact, is one of those signs that always manages to pass as the sweetest and cutest person there is This is often true, but also up to a certain point: it is not because they try to please you that those born under the sign of Libra do not have a character of their own!

One of the traits of their character is that they are complacent. Those born under the sign of Libra will always talk to you as if you do not understand anything and as if without them you could not even put your shoes on the right feet!

Aquarius: third place

Dear Aquarius , we know that you think you have the solution to every problem in your pocket, the right way to do anything and, in general, the answer to all questions.
Too bad it’s not always like that!

Aquarius are among the most condescending signs of the zodiac because they just can’t hold back.
They have to tell others what to do and how to do it, always and in any case. Put salt in the dough? Empty a trash? Do your work? Aquarians know how to do it faster and better : or at least that’s what they believe!
For an Aquarius , treating others with condescension is almost second nature: very difficult to deal with them!

Leo: second place

People born under the sign of Leo have a really big flaw, which could overshadow everyone else.
They are truly arrogant (and this is precisely the reason why they are also found in the ranking of the most arrogant signs of the zodiac )!

This leads Leos , of course, to occupy a very high place in our ranking today. For them, being condescending is really easy: they believe they always know everything much better than others and certainly have no qualms about communicating it!
For Leos you will always and only be naive: it doesn’t matter what the topic is!

Convinced that they always know everything and better than others, Leos often end up treating the people around them with great condescension.
Woe to you if, then, it is you who do the same with the Leos , perhaps with full knowledge of the facts: they will be offended to death and tie it to their finger!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most condescending zodiac signs of the horoscope

Yes, dear Capricorns , you are at the top of the ranking of the most condescending zodiac signs of all !
You know very well that you are people who can really drive others crazy when it comes to explaining something.

You are convinced, in fact, that you have specific knowledge of practically everything. It matters little that you have studied the subject for years or that you have just heard of it! Capricorns
are very condescending people: they really expect you to be silly and start explaining things with a long turn of words, to make sure you explain everything, absolutely everything!

Of course, Capricorns are not in the ranking of the most serious zodiac signs of all and this is already a relief. The fact remains, however, that sometimes they can make you shave by dint of listening to them explain to you … the obvious!

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