Zodiac Signs

Are You An Angel Or A Devil According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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1. Libra

Libra is the purest of all zodiac signs. They are faithful and graceful. They don’t lose control even when they are upset.

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They see beauty in all things and they think that life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

If you date a Libra, you can consider yourself lucky because they will bring a balance to your life and always make sure that you are fine. What an angel, right?

2. Taurus

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If you want a real friend—choose Taurus. People born in this sign have a clean heart and doing harm to people around them is not their cup of tea. They just love to see smiles on other people’s faces.

It makes them feel so good when all around them are happy. That gives them the hope that this world is not such an ugly place to live in!

3. Pisces

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Pisces always live in their world of imagination. They are extremely generous, supportive, and caring.

When other people don’t respond to them in the same way, they tend to be a little bit upset.

Of course, then they realize life is beautiful enough and that one lousy person can’t ruin their day.

They know how to forgive but it will be impossible for them to forget!

4. Sagittarius

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This sign is all about love. No matter if they know you just for a day or two, they will try to make you smile and feel good.

For them, love is the power that makes the world spin around. What they hate the most is hypocrisy, so if you act like this, you can expect a real devil to come out of them. I suggest you better watch out!

5. Aquarius

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This sign’s such a goodie! With a heart ready to help others and a sincere smile on their faces, they tend to attract people.

They like to see others happy and what is most important for them is that they are the reason for that happiness.

The only thing that is devilish inside them is their extremely high x drive which can sometimes cause problems! Oops!

6. Gemini

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This sign can sometimes be good but sometimes bad. It is like an angel and a devil are fighting for their attention.

Sometimes your Gemini will wish to take your head off but sometimes they will act like saints.

What brings people most to them is their positive energy and their contagious smile.

At the end, who could resist them when they look at you with that puppy look?

7. Leo

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Lions are generous, friendly, supportive, and easygoing. But all that can disappear if you hurt them.

They know how to defend themselves, so if you do them any harm, you can be positive that they will take revenge. If I were you, I would be worried!

8. Cancer

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This sign is a relatively good person but if you make them pissed off, they will transform into a beast that will make you feel you wish you had never been born.

They have their ups and downs but the thing they hate the most are lies.

If they catch you lying, you better pray to God because they won’t have any mercy!

9. Virgo

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Virgo is a person who is the most likable among others. BUT, if someone is crazy enough to get on their bad side, they will chew them and spit them out like they never existed. Don’t let this name trick you and never judge a book by its cover!

10. Aries

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This sign is the soul of every party and everything that comes along with gallons of alcohol.

No matter if we are talking about cheating, screwing over, gossiping, or betraying, they can handle all that like real professionals. And then they wonder why the hell they never go to paradise!

11. Capricorn

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This zodiac sign doesn’t do problems—they are problems. They simply don’t want to do all the good stuff because it is more exciting doing the bad ones.

You know the saying: “Good girls go to heaven, but the bad ones go wherever they want!”? Well, that’s their life motto!

12. Scorpio

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This sign is on fire like they just got out of hell. Doing good deeds is definitely not their cup of tea and they only want to satisfy their desires.

Their s’ drive is freakishly high, so even the p stars envy them! Whenever you meet them, be ready for extra-large doses of fun and excitement.

And you know what kind of excitement I am talking about— one that borders on legality!

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