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Advice For 4 Zodiacs Wondering If Their Whirlwind Romance Is Actually Headed Anywhere On February 7


You’re always so reliably responsible about everything, Cancer, and you hitting the breaks to evaluate where everything is headed before you get too caught up in the excitement of something new is no exception. But you’re asking the wrong questions. Instead of worrying about whether this latest fling is headed toward a serious commitment, you need to ask yourself why you want or need it to this early in the game? What is it you feel a serious partner would bring to your life that you don’t already have? Would it change the way you feel about yourself, or the way you think other’s see you? Are you hoping it would make you feel more secure? More stable? More established? Dig deeper into this answer. It will show you how your concerns have much more to do with you than it does with them.


You’ve stuck around for so many people who were all too ready to bail at the first minor inconvenience, Aries, so it’s no surprise you find yourself fixated on whether your bad luck spell has run it’s course. You’re ready, finally, for someone to pick up the slack and do their fair share of the work in your relationships. The advice you need to hear today is to dial it down. Stop feeling like you need to set the bar or the tone or the pace. Of course you’re exhausted by giving 125% out of the gate, and time after time being disappointed that someone is only giving 30% in return. There is something to be said for a build up. It doesn’t mean you have to phone it in, but let things gradually develop at a natural pace. Save the Michelin star restaurant for a special occasion instead of the first date.


For once, Aquarius, find the courage to trust your gut. You are so worried about where things are headed, because deep down something inside of you is enthusiastically and repetitively screaming, “YES!”. And this something is going to keep nagging at you until you give it the consideration it deserves. You are wringing your hands trying to decide whether or not to validate these thoughts and feelings, trying to decide whether or not you can trust yourself. Sure, there are moments in life where it’s prudent to second guess our initial reactions. It’s good to take time and space to see if those initial intuitions persist, but when they do it’s also okay to side with yourself. This is far from your first schoolyard crush. You’ve had enough positive and negative experiences to act as a barometer in these scenarios.


In this instance, Libra, you may be trying to tip your own scales. The reason you are perseverating over the future of this relationship is because you are too afraid to ask. And your fear may stem from the fact that you already know what the answer will be, but the longer you hesitate to make your feelings known, the longer you can ruminate in limbo. Weighing each outcome against the other, happily reveling in the ignorance that perpetuates possibility. Because once you are let down, gently or otherwise, there’s nothing left to daydream about. But you deserve much more than a fantasy, Libra. More than a maybe that never materializes into something tangible. Something dependable. You have so much to offer the world, Libra. So stop dragging your feet on ripping the bandaid off and get back out there.

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