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According to the zodiac sign: these are the 3 worst siblings

Nothing beats true sibling love. You never feel alone, always had someone to play with as a child and even today the siblings are there to help and advise you. But ok, admittedly, sometimes they can be really annoying, dear siblings. Or even really nasty.

According to the stars, there are three zodiac signs that do not quite fulfill their sibling part – and are said to be really bad. Are your siblings there? Or maybe even yourself?

According to the zodiac sign: these are the 3 worst siblings


Scorpions are actually real family people. They love their siblings very much and would do anything for their sisters and brothers. Nevertheless, it is not always easy for them as siblings. Because scorpions can be insanely jealous and impulsive. If they feel disadvantaged, they can get pretty uncomfortable. Once you are disappointed, it is difficult to forget and you can hardly trust your counterpart. In addition, he has to live with little taunts forever.


For Capricorn, your career and your future are paramount. They are very ambitious and prefer to take care of themselves. As soon as one of their siblings does something wrong, they love to play up and correct themselves. Because sure, the ibex always knows everything better.


Protect always want to be the focus! They need their freedom and are extremely selfish. It is therefore not so easy for her siblings to assert themselves or to speak during a conversation. Anyone who wants to get good advice from his rifle sister or brother or just wants to cry out is at the wrong address with them: The rifle is usually on the go or busy with himself.

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