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According to astrologers, these 4 zodiac signs are the most strenuous partners in a relationship

Some people are just very exhausting relationship partners. We all want love and security, but some people are somehow not made for relationships. Because her character can sometimes be exhausting. 

Some zodiac signs that are more relatable show willingness to compromise, empathy and have a lot of patience in their partnership. If you do not have these properties, you should carefully consider whether you would ever want to date the following 4 zodiac signs.

1. Pisces 

Fish can be very romantic if they want to. They may have found the love of their lives today, but in the next second they are so troubled with their self-doubts that they deeply believe that they did not deserve this person. That is why they are usually the ones who end the relationship very quickly and suddenly. At this stage, they simply cannot help it. Then you will often hear a fish say that this is the best for the partner. 

But as soon as the fish has survived this small phase of dejection, he suddenly realizes that he loves his partner too much to end the relationship. With a fish, you will quickly find yourself in an on-off affair and very few people can endure this roller coaster of emotions.

But that’s not all: fish are very pessimistic and often play the victim card. You always feel like you’re walking on eggshells when you’re around because they take everything so personally. They tend to think too much and make things more complicated and worse than they actually are. This makes it very difficult to solve problems with them in a practical way.

2. Scorpio

Scorpions believe in themselves that they are relationship people. But they are also the ones who want to be in charge in a relationship. They want to be in control and also tend to be jealous. But on the other hand, a scorpion likes its freedom. The worst thing for him is when he is narrowed down by his partner. It is not uncommon for scorpions to end the relationship. Then you absolutely need time to find yourself again. 

Scorpions also often don’t know what they want. They are also very passionate and have very intense feelings. Your moods and emotions change very quickly. They fluctuate between hot and cold like crazy and it makes them really difficult to understand. A scorpion can be an incredibly exhausting partner. He has to mature emotionally first, because before that he just isn’t ready for a real relationship.

Scorpions may not show it often, but they are actually totally soft and emotional, almost sensitive. Keeping this hidden makes it difficult to deal with them because you just don’t see the outbursts of emotion coming. They are also known to be mysterious and do not let everyone in their hearts. Therefore, they may exclude their partner and hide their feelings from him.

3rd twins

It is not for nothing that the zodiac sign Gemini depicts two people. Because it is as if there were actually two personalities in this person. On the one hand, the twin wants a relationship that gives him support, but on the other hand he wants a lot of freedom, so that his partner almost annoys him. He panics when he only hears the word relationship and he changes his mind rapidly. Yesterday he was totally in love, but today he is suddenly averse and wants to be alone. This is particularly the case in the initial phase of the relationship. 

Twins also tend to get bored very quickly, and they constantly need new spark of passion in the relationship. They are especially bored when there is too much stability and routine. This makes it very difficult for you and your partner to maintain the relationship. Twins have a constant need for change and adventure in their relationship.

Twins have a reputation for being indecisive but also overly emotional. And to a certain extent this is also true. This can make communication with a twin extremely tiring, but it also means that he can love with all his heart and put all his trust in what he feels. If a twin really loves, he goes all-in, especially if the relationship has been going on for a while. Nothing holds him back anymore and he gives himself completely to his partner. It can be almost intimidating to be loved so much by someone.

4. Sagittarius

There is no sign that is more fleeting, impulsive, and ubiquitous than a shooter. In a way, this makes him a very exciting partner and whoever is with him will never be bored. But on the other hand, it’s almost impossible to settle down with him. Shooters are constantly chasing the next thing, the next adventure, the next adrenaline rush. 

You are bad at just relaxing. And that is not very conducive to relationships. A shooter will only feel satisfied if he finds someone who not only follows him, but runs right next to him. Someone who is as active as the shooter.

Protecting can be a real challenge. It is not easy to be in a relationship with them because they take people for granted and are not very helpful when it comes to fixing a problem. They tend to get impatient when things are not going well and try to flee instead of working on their relationship.

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