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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before June 3

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Your card: King of Wands

You can be charming sometimes, and this week is a good time to bust out those primo social skills. Smile and chat with everyone you come across and you may make some cool new friends or fall into opportunities you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Your card: The Hanged One

You’re known for being stubborn, and that isn’t by accident. You’ll often stick to an opinion even when you know deep down you probably shouldn’t. This week, set your biases aside and see a situation from another perspective. It may just solve a fight you didn’t know you were having.

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Your card: The Hierophant

Tradition isn’t always a bad thing, Gemini. When someone comes to you this week with a plan to do the same thing you always do, don’t just say no to the principal. For many people, there’s comfort in routine.

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Your card: 10 of Pentacles

All that hard work is paying off and now you might have a little extra money to work with this week. You could either set it aside for savings, pay off some important bills, or buy yourself something nice. Or why not a mix of all three?

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Your card: 4 of Cups

Something just feels off this week. Perhaps an aspect of your life isn’t going the way you wanted and it’s finally getting to you. Sometimes we just have to sit with these feelings and wait them out in hopes of a better mood next week.

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Your card: 9 of Wands

Normally you do a really good job of getting things done, but it’ll be harder than ever this week. You may just have a little desire to give up, but that’s not the move. Keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll all work out in the end.

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Your card: The Sun

There are people in your life that need a little positivity and perhaps you can be that warm, optimistic presence for them this week. Keep things positive and sunny and your good mood will spread out to everyone around you.

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Your card: The Fool

This is a great week to start something new. Perhaps you’re at the beginning of a new job or other major life path. It could even be something small, like learning a new instrument or trying a new craft technique. Lean into your newbie status and embrace the change.

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Your card: Queen of Pentacles

If you have money to spare, this is a good week to donate. The world is in turmoil right now and any little bit you could give would help tremendously. Or, if you’d rather, you could give to people in your local community, too. The world is better when we help each other.

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Your card: The Empress

Get out in nature this week. While you may love the outdoors, you don’t always get outside as much as you’d like because you feel like you have so much to do. Put nature on your to-do list and carve out time to get some fresh air out in the wilderness.

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Your card: 5 of Cups

Loss and regret are coloring everything you do this week. Whether it’s a new loss or an old grief that still comes to you in waves, your mood is much darker right now. We all have our downweeks, and this may just be yours.

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Your card: 3 of Wands

If you need a little spark of motivation this week, don’t look to the past or get bogged down by your present circumstances. Instead, focus on what you want for your future. That’ll get you excited to make moves now that will get you there even faster

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