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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Can Expect During 2024’s Cancer Season

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Your Card: Two of Swords

This Cancer season, you’re going to find yourself at a standstill. This impasse likely involves either a life decision or a relationship. You’re going to be tempted to avoid tackling the issue head-on. Instead of hesitating, you must do what you do best and take action. Don’t let the fear of choosing wrong keep you stuck in the same place. If it’s a loved one, friend, or coworker you’re having an issue with, determine where you can come to a compromise—make an effort to look at things from the other person’s perspective. The Two of Swords can also signify that there’s something you’ve been suppressing that can no longer be ignored. This can mean unprocessed emotions, old emotional wounds, ignoring warning signs, refusing to face the facts, or sweeping things under the rug. Whatever the case, things will only get worse from here if you don’t stop living in denial. Stop blocking off your emotions and let yourself feel them. Stop avoiding looking at the truth. Stop pretending everything is okay when it’s not. Take your control and power back this Cancer season by facing reality and remaining true to yourself.

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Your Card: The Devil

Be mindful that during Cancer season, you’re going to be tempted to succumb to destructive tendencies and desires. Instead of giving in, use this period as a time to break free from these things that entrap you. The Devil shows up to draw your attention to what keeps you confined, blocked, or restricted. It urges you to confront your inner demons. There is a strong call to shadow work with this card—coming to self-awareness, facing and accepting your darker nature, finding a balance by honestly looking inward, and healing the deep emotional wounds that cause self-sabotaging behaviors. There will be consequences if you give in to your impulses, fall into old negative habits, or refuse to let go of unhealthy attachments during this time. From June 20 to July 22, take control of your life by doing as The Devil advises. Be honest with yourself about harmful coping mechanisms, the thoughts and patterns that limit your success, what and who in your life keeps you feeling small, the dependencies and codependency in your life, subconscious biases, and how you destroy your individuality. You have a choice when it comes to fulfillment and abundance in your life. You have all the power, Taurus. Now, act like it.

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Your Card: Wheel of Fortune, reversed

The reversal of the Wheel of Fortune encourages you to embrace life’s natural ebb and flow. You’re going to be faced with some changes that you’re instinctively going to be resistant to. Don’t. Let go of your resistance, Gemini. These changes are unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable, but utterly necessary. Progress is never born from stagnancy. To arrive at great things, one will always be faced with challenges and discomfort. These external forces will make you feel a lack of control, but you must remember that you’re never powerless. You can control how you approach these transitions, how you anchor yourself to handle everything with more ease, and how you harness your adaptability. This card can also be a wake-up call to release all that keeps you confined—old toxic habits, unhealthy relationships, escapism, self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. You might be confronted with a situation that’s going to require you to finally make the necessary adjustments to approach matters differently than you would in the past. Ask yourself what hasn’t been working, and then leave it behind and surrender to new ways.

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Your Card: The Lovers

It’s your season, Cancer! The Sun is in your sign. From June 16th to July 11th, Venus will also be there. It’s no coincidence that you pull The Lovers, which emphasizes the significance of acting with intention and making conscious choices when it comes to the emotional realm. This card’s all about expressing yourself freely, being heard and understood, open communication, making uplifting connections, fully accepting yourself as worthy, and focusing on the things that light you up. There’s a strong potential during this period to deepen your intimacy with those closest to you, so spend time nurturing those bonds, and practice gratitude for the respect and trust that come with them. Have any rough conversations that you’ve been avoiding with anyone close to you? If you’re single, there’s a high chance that you’ll meet your soulmate during this time or someone who you’ll be greatly attracted to. So, instead of staying in during your free time, put yourself out there. The Lovers also encourages you to seek out new platonic connections. You may feel compelled to connect with long-forgotten passions or discover new ones—explore those desires and inspirations.

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Your Card: Page of Cups

You must have complete and uttermost trust in your intuition during this Cancer season. Endless inspiration is entering your life during this time, and it’s also highly likely that there will be creative opportunities that come your way. The Page of Cups emphasizes the significance of staying curious, remaining open to new ideas, and embracing your inspiration even when it’s something unexpected. Dive into your imaginative side, even if it’s just for the joy of creating. Don’t ignore that desire you’re feeling to connect with your inner child. Be open to the wonders of the world. Seek joy in every place you can. Be playful. Say yes to everything. Let go of your fear of judgment. Explore. Experiment. Your feelings are also going to be heightened during this time, you must swim in the depths of those emotions. Sit with them. Honor them. Journal about them. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Place your faith in your inner voice—it won’t lead you astray. Remember the magic that lies in being soft and vulnerable.

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Your Card: The Hermit

You’re in the mood to retreat from the world this Cancer season. With how hard you’ve been working, you’ve started to neglect your own inner needs. This is the root of the imbalance you’ve been feeling in your life lately. You must honor this need for time alone and take the space to nurture your emotional and mental well-being. Be introspective. Come out of these next few weeks knowing yourself a little better. Become more aware of how to make more room for self-care and meaning in your life. This solitude spent self-reflecting is going to equip you with everything you need to face a current issue in your life (or one you’ll need to watch out for shortly). All the answers you seek are within you, Virgo. Learn how to quiet all the external noise and draw your attention inward. Trust in your intuition when it comes to making certain decisions that lie ahead. Train yourself through mindful practices like journaling, meditation, and even a little bit of Tarot reading.

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Your Card: Two of Pentacles, reversed

This Cancer season you’re going to have to remind yourself to take a deep breath. With everything you’re juggling, things are going to start to feel overwhelming. You must do everything within your power to eliminate or reduce the stress in your life. This means delegating where possible, saying no to certain things, learning how to prioritize, carving out time to incorporate more of what brings you joy, and taking breaks. Remember that rest is productive—it recharges you, enables you to see things more clearly, makes you a better problem-solver, and allows you to work more efficiently later. It’s also imperative that during these few weeks, you reevaluate your current situation and readjust where you have to, to bring more balance into your life. How can you better split your energy? How can you more wisely take advantage of your resources? What things are bringing you more grief than they’re worth? How can you invite more equilibrium into your life?

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Your Card: Six of Wands, reversed

You’re not feeling your best this Cancer season. Particularly, there’s a disappointment you’ll encounter that’s going to make you doubt either your worth or your abilities. Don’t succumb to the feeling, Scorpio. It’s important now more than ever for you to remain confident in all that you have to offer and that you remain firm in your convictions. Remain steadfast when it comes to all that you desire and deserve. Throw out the negative self-talk, and instead dedicate that energy to picking yourself back up. Whether you didn’t receive the recognition you’re owed, you failed somehow, experienced a setback or someone close to you let you down, there’s nothing you can’t overcome and nothing that should alter the perception you have of yourself. As long as you’re self-assured and retain the drive to succeed, you have everything you need. It’s also important for you to remember not to seek validation outside of yourself—practice this during the next few weeks.

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Your Card: Judgment, reversed

Cancer season can be a time for you to step into something far greater. If you move forward with pride and confidence during this period, you’ll come out an improved, more empowered version of yourself. For this to happen, there are a few things that you need to do first. Start by reflecting on your path up to this point and asking yourself what you’ve learned. This includes acknowledging the role you’ve played in your problems and taking note of how you can act differently and make better choices moving forward. What adjustments do you need to make to live a life more in alignment with your goals, your values, and your authentic self? Start now. Why have you been so afraid of what comes next? Be certain that you’re up for the challenge. Let go of self-doubt and insecurity, Sag. It’s the number one killer of growth and expansion. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past and stop letting them define you. Leave behind every excuse.

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Your Card: The Fool, reversed

Let go of everything that feels safe and familiar during Cancer season, because it’s everything that’s holding you back from expansion and having new experiences. You’re going to have to break out of your routine and be bold. These next few weeks are a time to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. From your professional life to your personal life to your love life, embrace the unknown. Let go of worst-case scenarios, anxieties, and the need for control. Charge ahead confidently and go after what you want. Think of what approach you have yet to take, and take it. Say yes to things you’d normally be afraid to say yes to. Trust in your instincts and intuition. It can feel terrifying to stop playing it safe, but great rewards await you on the other side of fear. Stop holding yourself back, Cap.

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Your Card: The Emperor

This Cancer season is going to require you to establish firm boundaries with others and with yourself. The Emperor embodies discipline, structure, focus, control, order, and practicality. You’re going to have to incorporate some of his energy into your life from June 20 to July 22. Embrace your assertiveness. Communicate clearly and without hesitation. Act in a manner that demands respect. Prioritize your responsibilities. You might be taking on a leadership role during this time that’s going to ask you to develop a strong sense of self-discipline and keep a clear, decisive mind. It might be the case that you’re going to hit your limit with a certain situation or relationship—set strong boundaries. You might be setting these boundaries for yourself, to commit yourself to your goals. Whatever it is you’re going through, remember who the Emperor is and act as he would.

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Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

You’re dreaming big and working hard this Cancer season. Good for you, Pisces. You’re forging ahead with all the confidence in the world and with all the determination needed to grasp all that you desire. During these next few weeks, your commitment to your ambitions is going to be renewed and strengthened. Big shifts and major changes are blessing your life after this period. All you have to do is keep up the momentum and keep investing in yourself. This means wisely choosing where you place your energy and time, keeping a persistent approach, being mindful of your resources, and not letting any obstacles discourage you. It is, however, important that you don’t let your determination get in the way of you living a life this summer. Carve out time to partake in the activities and spend time with the people that bring you joy. Enjoy the rewards that are coming your way from all this hard work. It’s okay to let yourself take breaks as you build your empire.

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