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The arrival of summer coincides with the beginning of the great diets, those born at the last moment to be able to get into too tight jeans or to feel at their best and able to pass the costume test. Of course, when it comes to diets, the most important thing is to be followed by a good nutritionist and choose a diet that can satisfy both the need to introduce fewer calories and to eat something good. Furthermore, the importance of not constantly experiencing the much-feared pangs of hunger should not be forgotten. Precisely in this regard, the stars come to our aid. As with so many other aspects of life, in fact, nutrition is also influenced by the stars and each zodiac sign can find greater strength from one or more diet foods, capable of quenching hunger between meals. So, we will discover together what is food each sign should consume during the diet. An advice to take both for the zodiac sign and for your ascendant and which obviously will not be followed in case of allergies, intolerances or particular pathologies.

Find out the right food to eat when you are on a diet

Aries – Cucumbers to Munch
Being hungry is something that just doesn’t suit you and that can make you particularly nervous. For this reason, when you are on a diet, it is preferable to always have something to munch with you. Cucumbers would be the perfect choice, especially during the summer season. To be eaten without salt (you can at most accompany them with some spices), they will be your personal diet saver. An alternative? Occasionally you could indulge in an extra yogurt, obviously the low-fat and strictly sugar-free ones. You will see that in this way staying on a diet will certainly be less stressful.

Taurus – Blueberries to give color
Always a lover of the finer things in life, for you the diet is a real torture that you always try to postpone as much as possible. Once undertaken, of course, your aim is to get to the finish line early so that you can escape the constant deprivation. To do this, however, you need to strictly adhere to the plan. So how to do when the throat takes over? One solution might be to fool your mind by indulging in some blueberries. Their sweetness and bright color will help you feel less frustrated. If consumed as a fruit, then, they will satisfy you and the same thing if eaten as a snack together with a yogurt.

Gemini – Chickpeas to eat as a snack
Your being alternative and in need of always trying new things also affects your way of eating. During a diet, therefore, the food that could help you feel less frustrated is chickpeas, to munch on while watching a movie, just like they were chips. Those born under your zodiac sign almost always need a good dose of legumes. Consuming it every now and then to satisfy the simple need to eat something, therefore, should not be a particular problem, giving you the feeling of being freer than you feel. And if chickpeas don’t inspire you or risk getting tired over time, edamame beans may be for you.

Cancer – A glass of warm milk
Your romantic nature and particularly anchored in the past will always make you appreciate a good glass of milk (also vegetable, of course), able to bring you back to childhood memories and to the moments when the diet was there. last of your thoughts. Consuming it, especially hot, will make you feel just like then, relieving stress and making you feel immediately more relaxed. Even better if, on the advice of your nutritionist, you manage to add a couple of dry or protein biscuits. In this way, staying on a diet would be really less difficult.

Leo – A protein snack
In life you are not used to containing yourself and even at the table you tend to eat foods that are very seasoned and full of flavor. During a diet, therefore, the most tragic aspect is given precisely by the sudden lack of full-bodied foods that are abundant and rich in ingredients. An aspect that you are obviously forced to give up. How to do in times of crisis? A protein snack could be your immediate first aid, guaranteeing you flavor and satiety at the end of the meal. Obviously you will have to be careful to integrate it into the diet. Eating it, however, will make you less of a calorie restriction you are facing.

Virgo – Radishes to Eat Between Meals
For you, eating is often a way to get rid of stress or recover from a bad day. Unfortunately, during the diet, this way of acting is not allowed to you. However, you can find some tricks, allowing yourself something to nibble like radishes. Their bright color and purely summer flavor will make you feel better immediately, making you almost forget you are on a diet. Pay attention to the toppings. Salt and sauces should obviously be banned and replaced with some spice. Even better, though, if you try to get used to hearing and appreciating the natural flavor of food. A way like any other to learn how to eat more correctly, which will come in particularly handy once the diet period is over.

Libra – Vegetables in pinzimonio
If you need to get your head off while on a diet, a wise choice might be a mix of vegetables to munch on. Since for you, aesthetics are essential, you could opt for a colorful bowl to be filled with selected vegetables to nibble with a little vinegar and a pinch of oil. An alternative way to enjoy foods that are good for you and that will make you feel better immediately, giving yourself a moment of leisure. In fact, munching something during your break or while watching a movie will make you weigh less on any diet.

Scorpio – Fresh or Dried Fruit
Your temperament often leads you to need something to nibble on that is both flavorful and consistent. Being able to include them in a dietary regime, the first choice should go to dried fruit to be consumed, obviously, in moderate quantities. Its flavor, combined with the sense of satiety that it manages to give quickly enough, will help you feel satisfied. In case you can’t overdo the fats (however healthy), apples are a viable alternative. A few wedges of green apple to munch on could help quench your nervous hunger, making you feel better right away.

Sagittarius – Beets
For someone like you, you need something different from the usual like beetroot. Its color and very particular flavor will help you manage the most critical moments. Great to be consumed in slices or in juice form, beetroot will help you feel less bored with the diet. What if you don’t like the taste? Choose a vegetable that gives you joy and the desire to consume it during the day and you will know that you have made a better choice than any other food anyway.

Capricorn – Corn
Okay, maybe it’s not the most dietetic food there is but among the many options you might like, it’s certainly among the healthiest. Munching a corn on the cob every now and then (as long as it is free of salt and various seasonings), will allow you not to feel on a diet and to follow your plan with greater scruple. Obviously, a few grains of corn in the salad are also more than recommended but the corn on the cob should be chosen whenever you think you are about to give up. The joy it gives you will instill the right amount of good humor, which is essential to keep going.

Aquarius – Orange Juice
Your being always over the top leads you to need particular ways out. An orange juice represents the escape from the diet. You can order it at the bar while you are with friends, feeling like someone who is not on a diet. Which will prove to be excellent, helping you to follow your cry to the letter and without unnecessary changes of path.

Pisces – Fennel
Chewing is the thing you miss the most when you are on a diet. Doing so makes you feel like someone is eating, giving you a sense of freedom that is otherwise difficult to explain. In your case, therefore, the wisest choice is to consume fennel between meals, munching them as needed, perhaps with the addition of a little pepper or other spices other than salt. In this way, in addition to appeasing the pangs of hunger, you will silence the nervous hunger, feeling free and decidedly more serene and inclined to continue your journey.

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