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Find out which type of coffee is best suited to each zodiac sign.

One of the many pleasures that most of us tend to indulge in is coffee. Whether it’s an espresso in the morning to try to wake up or a more moderate coffee to have at the bar with friends, this hot drink is often at the center of our thoughts. Those who love it already know that there are several versions and that it is possible to drink it both in the form of a long drink (such as American coffee) and in a sweeter version enriched with added ingredients such as chocolate, pistachio cream, etc …

Today, also to meet those who, despite being a minority, do not particularly love coffee, we will try to evaluate 12 different variants, chosen specifically for each zodiac sign. And who knows that even the most refractory to this drink may not decide to try it, discovering that the version attributed to their sign is actually pleasant to sip. So, let’s try to evaluate what type of coffee to have as an accompaniment or when we are at the bar and completely undecided about what to order.

Discover the most suitable coffee for each zodiac sign

Ariete – Ristretto Coffee
For dynamic people like Aries, Ristretto coffee is the perfect coffee, especially if taken early in the morning. Drinking it means officially starting a new day, enjoying that boost of energy that only a good coffee can give, and even during the day, especially during work breaks, can save you from a sudden fall asleep or from excessive fatigue.

Taurus – Coffee macchiato with milk
For those born under the sign of Taurus, lovers of tradition, a good coffee must somehow recall the first tastings that were made as children, when coffee was a small addition to the morning milk. The taste of that time thus returns to be felt thanks to the macchiato with milk, which many will prefer to enrich with a lot of milk, and those who do not love this drink can even limit themselves to drinking just like then, requesting a coffee and milk to drink with a pastry, going back with the memory.

Gemelli – Coffee with almond cream
In bars, it is now easy to find small coffees enriched with creams of every taste and flavor. For those born under the sign of Gemini, creamy coffee is really important and even more so is the ability to change flavor every time. Experimenting with the various creams is therefore an achievement that will allow you to avoid the boredom of always trying the same flavor. One among all to start? The one with almonds, exotic at the right point and able to sweeten the palate and with it the whole day.

Cancer – The Moroccan
This coffee is not typical of all of Italy but it is practically the ideal choice for the natives of Cancer. A particular drink with hot chocolate at the base, topped with coffee and a soft foam dusted with cocoa. A taste experience that is difficult not to appreciate and that with a few sips is able to rekindle even the dullest days.

Leo – A very hot espresso
Those born under the sign of Leo need a coffee that can awaken the senses thanks to its full-bodied aroma. For them, espresso can be ideal as long as it is served hot. Appreciating its scent while waiting to be able to taste it is in fact one of the rituals that suits them best and that gives them a way to start on the right foot, allowing themselves that moment of tranquility that precedes the storm of the daily routine in which they will immerse themselves little. after.

Virgo – Double Coffee
Good double coffee is what Virgos love to sip to give themselves the right boost. Precise and tidy, they already know what awaits them early in the morning and are therefore ready to leave without too many hesitations. A double coffee will give them the certainty of being able to face any situation, thanks to the double energy that will also be a good reason to push them to get out of bed and start a new day.

Libra – Green coffee
What is the best sign of Libra for a good green coffee? Now famous for its countless beneficial properties, this coffee is particularly suitable for those who care more than anything else about their appearance and keeping themselves healthy. A good way to compromise, continuing to indulge in the morning coffee and the various daily breaks and all without sacrificing taste.

Scorpio – Coffee with pistachio cream
A full-bodied coffee enriched with pistachio cream is what those born under the sign of Scorpio can only appreciate and love. An ever-new flavor that will enrich the moment of the break with a strong and decisive taste but sweetened by the presence of the soft pistachio cream, always ready to make the moment of relaxation that you have chosen to indulge more pleasant.

Sagittarius – The local coffee
As lovers of travel and always new experiences, Sagittarius will have a great time choosing a different coffee every time. The one is chosen by the bartender, the typical one of the place, or the first one that leaps before their eyes. Experimenting will be a bit like traveling into the world of typical coffee flavors and aromas.

Capricorn – Coffee with chocolate
For Capricorns, coffee time is a small pleasure of the day to accompany something as sweet as chocolate. A little cuddle that makes everything more pleasant and that helps to get to the break still charged precisely by virtue of what awaits them. Any advice to make the moment even more special? Change the type of chocolate every time, in order to make the coffee break an ever-new experience.

Aquarius – Ginseng coffee
Always ready to stand out, those born under the sign of Aquarius will particularly appreciate different coffees such as ginseng coffee. Its aroma is different from the usual and the energy it promises to give will then be an extra touch to be associated with the moment of relaxation that will turn into an energizing break after which to resume with the activities of the day and all with the right charge.

Pisces – A long coffee with milk
Fish love to enjoy moments of peace and a long coffee will certainly make their break more enjoyable. Even better if to accompany them there will be an American coffee to be stained with a soy or almond milk. A way to sweeten the day and to reinvigorate sip after sip. Everything, then, will be even more beautiful if the moment is shared with others.

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