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Discover “your” cartoon based on your zodiac sign.

Who doesn’t have a cartoon in their heart? Anime (Japanese cartoons are called this) that during childhood and adolescence accompanied us on our life path, sometimes moving us, others making us dream or reflect. In one way or another, these stories so distant and at the same time close to us have remained within us and it is enough to listen to the theme song or see a few seconds on TV to take a dip in the past, in those times when everything was simpler and we we were much more carefree. Nostalgia for those moments? So, today, we will make a game, taking some of the cartoons of the past and associating them with each sign of the zodiac. Unfortunately, there are so many cartoons that it will not be possible to fit them all into this list. Nonetheless, it is worth trying to play. After all, it’s a way like any to make this Monday and the start of the work week lighter. Are you ready?

Aries – Mila and Shiro
Your temperament makes you unaccustomed to spending hours in front of the TV. It is very likely, therefore, that even as a child you preferred to spend your time playing outdoors. The anime that best suits you is therefore Mila and Shiro. A story that contains a dynamic component that is perhaps able to capture your attention at least for a while. Mila is also a strong and determined girl who struggles to make her dream come true. Practically perfect for someone like you, right?

Taurus – Pokemon
Pokemon is the perfect cartoon for those born under your sign. They tell the adventure in a different way, making it so enjoyable that even someone like you will love it. Also, how can you resist Pikachu’s sweetness? And who knows that witnessing so many adventures and fights between pokemon may not also make you want to get up and go out into the world, perhaps in search of adventures that are closer at hand but still larger than those you are usually used to.

Gemini – It’s a bit of magic for Terry and Maggie
It’s not a very old anime but how not to match the story of two magical twins to your sign? Furthermore, of Terry and Maggie tells the adventures of two girls showing them both in their daily life and during real magical adventures. A story within history that makes everything more diversified, representing a good product for those like you who always risk getting bored, especially if placed in front of a story with only one common thread.

Cancer – Little Women
Your love for the home environment makes you the most suitable sign to embrace this little animation masterpiece which boasts two different editions. Little Women, is a timeless story, suitable for romantics and people who believe in good feelings. In addition, the story takes place for most of the time in the home of these four girls, showing a slice of history and at the same time giving a sense of family warmth that manages to reach the viewer. A perfect story, right?

Leone – Lady Oscar
For you, you definitely need the story of a leader and who is better than Lady Oscar? A woman who has managed to assert herself among men in times when we only expected dances and elegant dresses. An important story that shows the concept of strength under different aspects that are well interpreted by the various characters and that certainly will have been among the reference cartoons of your childhood.

Virgo – Lovely Sara
For someone as precise as you, Lovely Sara is the right story, able to approach you by telling you a famous novel and captivating you with its moving story and with characters full of personality. A never predictable story, where everyone plays an important role in the evolution of events and that even you can only appreciate and love.

Libra – Candy Candy
Your love of beautiful things cannot have left you immune from one of the most beloved stories of all time. Of course, perhaps the design of that time no longer reflects the common standards of beauty. Candy, however, has always managed to let this image of beauty shine through, given by the goodness of the character, by the particularity of the story, and by the poetry of feelings that change but never fade. A perfect story that you will surely have loved in your childhood and that goes well with your sign.

Scorpio – Sailor moon
Your sign could match much more than a cartoon back then. Sailor moon, however, among the many is the one that most represent him. The fighter who fights to protect the earth fits your need for justice and love is ever-present and manages to satisfy your need for feelings. Furthermore, the story is not only imbued with magic but with references to topics particularly dear to you such as reincarnation. A mix of ingredients makes this cardboard one of the most suitable for your zodiac sign.

Sagittarius – Lum
Lum is the emblem of freedom and, for this reason, it is very suitable for those born under your zodiac sign. They story of her also can be fun and is always so animated that it adapts perfectly to your strings. There is no shortage of feelings, some aspects of Japanese traditions to be grasped here and there and very funny characters to be discovered. A bit of a magic box, perfect for someone like you.

Capricorn – The fantastic Mimi
Mimi was probably really one of your favorite characters. How can we forget her dunks and the struggle to always be her first? For a lover like you of competition and sport, this cartoon is practically perfect. She is not likely to get bored and has probably pushed you to try at least once to become a volleyball player. Whether you have succeeded or not, it has certainly characterized your passion for competition and for this alone it is the perfect product for you.

Aquarius – The enchanting Creamy
Your sign, considered strange by many, is well suited to an almost mythological character like that of Creamy. A product of magic that has a mysterious charm in it and that through the duality between Yu and Creamy makes everything suitable for all ages. A story is full of ingredients including love, magic, friendship, and music. How not to love him?

Pisces – Anna with red hair
Your romantic nature leads you to appreciate any story about love. The list, therefore, would be very long. A story above all, however, could be that of Anna with red hair, born from the pen of Louise Montgomery, Anna tells the story of an orphan who is adopted by a couple of brothers. A story that teaches love in all its forms, passing from parental to that of a couple without ever breaking down and enriching itself with great examples of friendship, faith, and passion for everything that is part of life, even the most simple. A story that as adults should be reviewed at least once, to savor every aspect, managing to grasp even the most subtle and sometimes the most beautiful nuances.

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