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7 Zodiacs Who Couldn’t Lie If They Tried

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Leos are one of the most honest people you’ll meet. Honesty is part of their moral code, and dislikes anyone who doesn’t act accordingly. They’re truthful with themselves and others, while their inner circles admire them for this particular trait.

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Like Leo, Aries is also honest to a fault. They’re open to saying what’s on everyone’s mind without sugarcoating their words. Truthfully, they’re known to call things as they see them. They’ll tell you their honest opinion rather than let you believe in a half-told truth.

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Sagittarius is the most honest person in the zodiac. Though their straightforwardness may rub some the wrong way, their intentions remain genuine and are amongst the most praised and applauded. They’re the least likely to lie and prance around the truth.

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Capricorns are honest and transparent. They can be as straightforward as Sagittarius and as blunt in a practical sense. They’re all about discipline and integrity, which can be hard to practice without honesty.

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Scorpios are emotionally transparent and crave as many deep connections as possible. Being honest is part of their nature. They have a high distaste for deception and for those who do it. To them, honesty is the purest form of love and appreciation for another person.


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Virgos thrive on order and predictability. That’s why they’re rarely known to lie. They don’t believe it’s logical or honorable in a practical sense. Even if it hurts, they don’t hesitate to say what needs to be said.


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Taurus isn’t afraid to tell the hard truths. Like the rest of the list, they’re straightforward and are known to tell it like it is. To them, lies are unnecessary and require a lot of work that could be spent on being truthful.

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