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7 Zodiacs Who Are Proud Android Users (And Aren’t Afraid To Admit It)

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Android users are probably used to getting sass from their iPhone friends. So what if their messages come in green instead of blue? Since when did colorful text messages determine your worth? If you’ve chosen Android, you have your reasons, whether it’s the superior operating system or the crystal clear photos. And if your zodiac sign is on this list, then you’re more than happy to shout it from the rooftops that you’re rocking an Android phone. These signs aren’t afraid to admit that they’ve skipped the iPhone.

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Honestly, it’d never even cross your mind to feel weird about having an Android. You like what you like and don’t put much thought into whether or not you should. But if someone sasses you about your smartphone of choice, you’ll happily throw hands. After all, you’re both a lover and a fighter.

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Someone could give you an intense bulleted list of reasons why you should have an iPhone instead of an Android and it wouldn’t even make a dent in your resolve. You’re stubborn and bullish and will happily die on the hill that Android is better. Actually, the more they protest, the more likely you are to never change.

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As soon as you find something that works for you, you stick with it. You have all your productivity apps on your Android, and the thought of switching to an iPhone makes you feel itchy. You’d rather keep with the tried-and-true than have to learn an entirely new operating system and series of apps. No thanks.

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You’re not the type to feel guilty for liking what you like. In fact, you’re probably the one on this list most likely to convert all your iPhone friends to the “dark side.” By this time next year, you won’t be the only one rocking a brand new Android phone. After all, you’re royalty when it comes to harmless peer pressure.

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You have no space in your life for people who think the phone you use is somehow relevant to your worth. People like that are annoying. You use an Android because you like it and that’s all there is to it. It does what you need to do. You think everyone should just chill.

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You have several very good reasons for using an Android, and they can all be found in the spec sheets for the phone you chose after days of meticulous research. It’s the chip. It’s the megapixels. It’s the specific material they used for the screen. You’re not going to downgrade just to fit in.

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Okay, if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t like that some of your friends judge that you have an Android. The teasing gets to you. But in the end, this is the phone you’re used to and you’d feel weird switching now. So you wear that Android badge proudly even if you feel a little less confident inside.

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