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7 Ways To Express Your Love Physically (Besides Just S*x)

The way you show affection to your partner matters.

For me, I thrive off words of affirmation. And if you’re at all familiar, you can tell I’m a fan of the theory of love languages.

But whether you believe in the theory is neither here nor there. The fact is, people receive love in different ways. For some partners, telling them you love them is not enough.

If you know that physical touch means the world to your partner, you may be stuck on how to express love physically. Sure, there’s s*x. But if s*x is the only way you show your partner love, you’re basically friends with benefits.

My partner is a physical touch kind of guy. And while he’s never told me he feels a shortage of love, I wondered about other ways to express it physically, other than s*x.

And after some thinking, observing, and straight-up asking my boyfriend, I found a few ways for people to express love physically in a non-s*x*al way:

1. Hold Their Hand

Don’t automatically knock this idea because it seems juvenile. Plenty of fully-grown adults hold hands in public.

study by Forevermark revealed that holding hands makes a relationship stronger. Couples that hold hands see their relationships as lasting longer than those who don’t.

While it might not be your jam, consider holding your partner’s hand in public as something you could warm up to. Start by doing it while out at dinner. Maybe clasp your hands while taking a walk through your neighborhood.

The simple act will show your partner you love them enough to let other people know.

2. Take An Extra 10 Minutes To Cuddle

When you get into a routine, it’s easy to overlook things like holding your partner in the morning.

If you’re the type to instantly jump out of bed, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. Instead of getting out of bed once your alarm rings, spending some time holding your partner and showing them you care.

Or maybe pull your partner close to you at night before you separate for your slumber.

Cuddling feels fantastic and is a chance to be very close to your partner. Never take this act for granted.

3. Take A Dance Class Together

Feel like your life lacks excitement AND want to show your partner some love? Go and take a dance class together.

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or are rhythmically challenged; everyone has to start somewhere. Being goofy and trying something new with your partner is only going to strengthen your bond.

And all the hand-holding, waist-grabbing moves you’ll be doing means you’ll be getting physical, too.

Plus you might even find out you love dancing.

4. A Massage Without An Ulterior Motive

This one goes out to all the guys: a massage doesn’t have to be just about s*x! It’s possible to initiate one to, you know, make your partner’s achy body feel better.

Giving your partner a massage without any expectations is the ultimate act of physical love. You’re focusing your attention on them and rubbing your hands all over their body.

If a massage normally leads to s*x, let your partner know they can simply relax. You’re not looking for anything other than letting your partner know you love them.

5. Ki*s And Hug Each Other Goodbye

It took some awareness for me to realize that I ki*s my boyfriend hello/bye, but I basically never add in a hug to the mix.

But kis*es and hugs are intimate. Embracing your partner each time you see them again or before they leave reminds them how much they mean to you.

No matter how long you’ve dated, a ki*s and hug never gets old.

6. Netflix And Head Scratch

Every couple has their show, the one they only watch together (or at least promise they will).

When you and your boo are lying down to watch TV, offer them your lap to lay their head-on. Then give them a gentle head massage or scratch. It’s going to feel amazing for them.

Plus, it’s not something you have to give much thought to when you’re already watching a show.

7. Squeeze Their Bu*t

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t my favorite form of physical touch.

There’s nothing better than being out and about, doing errands, and giving my boyfriend’s bu*t a firm squeeze. He has a great bu*t; not only do I want him to know that, but I also enjoy feeling it for myself.

But you don’t have to squeeze your partner’s bu*t in public. Maybe you’re more comfortable doing it at home when they’re making dinner.

A nice bu*t grab is out of the ordinary. It’s a little gesture to say, “Hey, don’t forget I love and want you.”

Physical touch is more than just s*x; it’s subtle acts that can show your partner how much you appreciate them.

Everyone receives love in different ways. If your partner’s is physical touch, then these simple acts will go a long way.

7 Ways To Express Your Love Physically (Besides Just S*x)
7 Ways To Express Your Love Physically (Besides Just S*x)

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