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7 Powerful Affirmations For The New Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Language is incredibly powerful when it comes to reprogramming our subconscious mind, which is why affirmations can become an integral part of your daily routine.

Words of affirmation are designed to challenge negative thinking by replacing old, unhelpful narratives with a more positive script in your subconscious.

The more positive language you recite consistently, the weaker your old negative neural pathways become.

As you recite each affirmation, lean into that specific emotion. If your affirmation is, “I am loved”, for example, think about a time you felt loved by someone and sink into that energy—this strengthens the programming of the positive affirmation.

When it comes to manifestation and affirmations, the key is to use present tense—“I am” or “I have”, for example, rather than “I want” or “I will.” The law of attraction states that whatever we can imagine in our mind is available to be magnetized to us. By using present tense, we are reaffirming that we already have what we desire; it is simply a case of allowing divine timing for it to appear into our physical reality.

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Let’s take a look at 7 powerful affirmations you can use moving into 2023, according to your star sign.


I have the ability to light up a room with my energy

I am driven and ready to uplevel my life this year in the most expansive ways

It is OK for me to change my mind about the things I want in life

It is safe for me to seek out newness in my life

My ability to take risks is rewarded time and time again

I do not compare myself to anyone—my superpowers are unique

Every day I wake up, I win at life

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The more patient I am, the more magic is delivered into my life

I am worthy of everything I desire

I seek pleasure and pleasure seeks me

Beauty surrounds me everywhere I go

I repel those who don’t lift me up and I attract those who fill my soul

I am a magnet for abundance

It is safe for me to allow people into my life and still enjoy my solitude

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I welcome opportunities into my life and trust the Universe to align me with the right ones

It is OK for me embrace a slower pace of life when I need it

It is safe for me to say no

Using my voice attracts my desires

I attract people with my warm, open nature

My mind is calm and I embrace moments of stillness

My curiosity helps me manifest unexpected moments of magic into my life

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My intuition is always right

I am safe to share my feelings

My loved ones support me and see beneath my hard shell

I choose to stay positive in challenging situations

I feel empowered when I allow people to see me fully

When I am authentically me, I attract amazing things into my life

I am recognised and respected for all that I have done

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When I express myself creatively, I magnetize magic into my life

I am confident in expressing my vision

I am not afraid of my emotions and am safe to share them

I am ready to enter a new transformative chapter of my life

I celebrate everything I am, everything I have, and everything I am becoming

I love unconditionally and I am loved unconditionally

My confidence is my superpower

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I am open to receiving help in the way I help others

I am creating a life that feels as good as it looks

I am worthy of an abundant life

I attract abundance into all areas of my life

Every time I put goodness out into the world, I receive it back tenfold

The Universe supports me as much as I support others

Every day is a new opportunity

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My kindness is appreciated

I attract aligned people effortlessly into my life

Abundance flows so easily to me in both expected and unexpected ways

I always find parts of my reflection that I truly love and appreciate

It is safe for me to say yes to many different things—I commit to my happiness first and foremost

I let go of old resentments with ease and allow forgiveness to flow into my life

I have the tools I need to create a beautiful life for myself

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I have the strength to handle whatever comes my way in life

I am calm and composed when faced with challenges

I love hard and receive the same passion back

I am my own best friend, treating myself with love and kindness

I am unique and people are drawn to me for that reason

I do not force, I attract with ease

Self-love is my biggest healer

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The more positive I feel, the more magic I attract into my life

My thoughts are the key to my happiness

No one has the power to control my thoughts other than me

My optimism and outlook are magnetic and I inspire others to shift their own energetic state

Freedom and adventure are intrinsic to my nature and each day welcomes more chances to experience both

When I embody my future self, my manifestations appear at speed

It is safe for me to embrace my need for solitude at times

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The energy of others inspires me in new ways

I deserve to live a beautiful life

I am grateful for the life I have built this far

When I feel good, there is no stopping me

My potential in this life knows no limits

It is safe for me to trust people

I am lucky in life and always receive what I desire

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I am manifesting a world as beautiful as the one I have created in my head

The more I visualize, the greater my life becomes

The bigger my dreams, the better my reality

I trust the small details to fall into place

I release my grip on needing to control everything

I live with a constant flow of abundance making its way into my life

I live in alignment with my true authenticity

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I have all the time I need to create a life I truly love

I trust in the divine timing of the Universe and the plan it has for me

The energy I put out into the world is the energy that is reflected back to me

The more I embrace my spirituality, the more aligned I feel in life

I am open minded and embrace alternative ways of thinking and living

I can adapt to any situation and can see the silver lining in doing so

My intuitive nature guides me on exactly the right path

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