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7 Issues Each Libra Can Relate To…

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#1: Libra sometimes thinks of others so much that they neglect their own wants and desires

. They like to be helpful but sometimes they can get so caught up trying to fix other peoples problems that they forget about their own.

#2: Libras can be hard on themselves trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes they can put themselves under too much pressure trying to live up to the impossibly high standard that they set.

#3: Libra sometimes feels like they have the attention span of a goldfish.

They are known for having a rather short attention span when it comes to shiny objects and activities. On to the next thing already!

#4: Libras have a bad habit of bottling up their emotions.

They have a bit of a tendency to bottle up their feelings. They don’t like to burden others with their problems and as a result can sometimes suffer in silence.

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#5: When Libra hits a boiling point they can become uncontrollable.

When they do eventually reach breaking point and snap – they can become totally uncontrollable with distress.

#6: Libras kindness can sometimes lead to people trying to take advantage.

They like to be friendly with everyone that they meet. But sometimes people can try to take advantage of that kindness despite their best efforts to prevent it.

#7: Libra just can’t look away from injustice.

They simply can’t help but step in when they see injustice in the world. It’s not always easy or fun but it’s the Libra thing to do

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