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6 Zodiacs Who Will Start A New Life Chapter During 2024’s Scorpio Season

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The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on April 23rd, 2024 until May 22nd, 2024. Scorpio season will seem much more interesting this year since Saturn in Aquarius will no longer make an aspect to it. However, Saturn in Pisces will be supportive of Water and Earth signs, allowing them to establish solid routines and a good foundation to kickstart their hobbies and dreams. Scorpio Season will have an impact on water signs and fixed signs along with Aries because Mars is in domicile this season, making the fire sign feel a lot more driven to pursue success. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.

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Having Mars in your sign will make the transit push you to new heights. You are ready to face whatever is in your way because you will believe in yourself. The tone of this transit is Victory. Nothing will hold you back because you have the energy, patience, and vision to get where you want. Discovering your power will be beneficial, since it brings a sense of optimism and resilience. You are excited to see where this season takes you, as long as you don’t rush and plan accordingly. Mars can be intense, so make sure to take your time and go at a pace that feels right. It could be a time when you may get into some arguments, but you can also make peace with others and forgive. Relationship energy is high now, so have fun and remember to move slowly but with prudence and diplomacy.

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With this cycle, the energy now is calling you to be daring with your dreams and not give up on them. Scorpio Season can be an empowering transit where you rediscover your ambitions for your journey to success. If things felt slow, now you can see them moving at a pace that can make things thrilling but will have you feeling slightly apprehensive. Scorpio energy is a reminder to continue looking ahead and don’t stop believing. You are feeling fearless and prepared to make those changes in your relationships. If you need to tell someone you love them, Mercury and the Sun will have you be more vocal. You are not afraid now to wear your heart on your sleeve because this can be a romantic and enchanting transit.

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The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in this sign will bring an intensity that will have us all wishing for the balance in Libra season. It is one of the more charming transits that may help you move ahead and visualize where you want to be. This energy will be good for you because it helps you find your sense of direction and purpose. Scorpio sparks your curiosity and passion. You can feel more courageous, but it is essential to think before you speak. Mercury here will make you bold, so it is optimal if you measure what you say and try to preserve the peace. Remember the lessons from Mars in Libra and incorporate them now so that you win more friends with honey and not hurt them with your words.

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Because Mars is your ruler, this Scorpio season will be extremely potent as it will help you bring about a much-needed metamorphosis. As the power of the Scorpion helps you unleash something new within—you will be compelled to close chapters before the Sagittarius season begins. The eclipses in April may have left you feeling that things are moving quickly and you need time to catch up. Mars in Scorpio, the eclipses, and now the Sun will help you to release and establish your place in the world. While Scorpio season can feel overwhelming, you know that you have the knowledge and experience to continue onward toward your evolution while you navigate through new terrain.

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The vibes for your relationship will feel more intense as the Sun and Mercury join Mars in the sign of Scorpio. You are receptive to this energy, even if it can feel challenging. While you may feel compelled to speak your mind, the Sun in this position will have you tone things down a bit, even when Mars gets you on overdrive. It is also a very creative transit and you will draw inspiration from your relationship experiences. Scorpio Energy has you making new alliances and building on existing friendships. A social and enigmatic transit that can help catapult your career as long as you value the people. Also, trust your ability to get there.

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You may have the most fun with this transit as the energy will be concentrated in one of your relationship and creative houses. It is a time to feel more connected to a partner as you open up more to them and vice versa. Scorpio likes to expose and reveal, and this is a time for revelations regarding your romantic life. You could feel inspired to switch things up to make your routines more interesting. You could feel adventurous, lovable, and inspired to create and produce content you want to share with others. Scorpio season may make you more comfortable in the spotlight because you could be healing the relationship you have with yourself. Let others fall in love with your energy during this time.

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