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6 Zodiacs Who Look Tough But Are Actually The Biggest Softies

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Aries is the alpha of the zodiac. They love being number one at what they do and taking the lead in any group setting, so that’s probably why these fire signs might look like a tough cookie to crack. Don’t get me wrong, Aries are very strong people who know how to overcome obstacles. But if you know and love one, you also know that they can be emotional, romantic, and a bit sensitive.

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Capricorns have a knack for putting on a brave face because they find it difficult to express their feelings. So, on the surface, they may look cold and hard to impress. But if your best friend or partner is one, you know all too well how warm and soft-hearted they can be. When these earth signs are comfortable, they’re empathetic, kind, and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

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Leos care about their image a lot. So, if they were having a bad day or going through a rough time, you wouldn’t notice. Like its fellow fire signs, they have trouble admitting when they feel down, so that’s why they look like they can handle anything. I mean, yes, Leos are strong individuals with a knack for surviving and thriving. But if you know one well, you know their ability to be sensitive and super sentimental too.

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For the most part, Taurus is cool, calm, and collected. They know how to conduct themselves and their emotions quite well—a little too well. Like Capricorns, they find it hard to express how they feel, so it can seem like nothing ever hurts their feelings. But if you’re close to one, you know how romantic they can get. You know how nurturing and trustworthy they are.

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Though water signs are automatic softies, Scorpio shows that side to them a little less. They are emotionally charged by the circumstance of their situations, which can morph them into someone cold and tough and isn’t very easy to please. But if you know and love one, you know that’s not who they are. To you, they’re the most supportive and honest people you know.

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Virgos are straight-faced people. They’re hard to read and aren’t very good at telling anyone how they feel, so that makes the rest of us believe that they’re always okay. But if they’re your best friend or relative, you know that’s not the case. Like their opposite, Pisces, they can be emotional. Virgos are one of the sweetest people in the world. When you’re close to them, they become a great support system and someone always willing to help.

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