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6 Zodiacs Who Genuinely Like Their Own Company

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As one of the zodiac’s most dominant and decisive signs, Aries doesn’t mind being alone. Sometimes, they’d rather have it that way. They know what they want and require a lot of freedom to do what they desire. They’re not anti-social. They’ll go to parties and see friends they haven’t seen in a while, but they won’t do it constantly.

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Out of the three water signs, Pisces is the one who can be happy alone. This makes sense since they’re the most spiritual and driven by their fantasies. They don’t like to rush relationships or force friendships. They go with the flow. And if that means they’ll have to wait to meet the right people, then so be it.

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Like Aries, Aquarius requires a lot of freedom to live as they please. They don’t care to fit in and have strong opinions they won’t change for anyone. That’s why they don’t mind doing things on their own. They almost feel liberated by it. They see their independence as a way of staying true to who they are.

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Already not as social, Capricorns love being one with their thoughts. They love quiet and serene settings, like being out in nature or curled up on their couch at home. Of course, they do not shy away from a small, friendly get-together. But they’re comfortable with their own company and don’t mind spending time refueling.

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Virgos aren’t the type to hang out at parties all night long. As much as they don’t mind waving a casual hello, people can quickly drain the energy from the earth sign. Naturally cautious, if they’re uncomfortable going out, they don’t mind staying in.

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Naturally free-spirited and fiercely independent, Sagittarius will live as they please — with or without you. Driven by their desire to experience life to the fullest, this fire sign doesn’t mind facing life alone. They don’t like staying in one place, nor complying with routine. They’re the freest by themselves.

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