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6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Want To Be Friends After You Break Up

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Leos take breakups hard. They’re usually shattered and burnt out from their former relationship and can’t be cordial with an ex if they try. When they love, they love with all they have. So, when it doesn’t work out, they distance themselves rather than try to continue what’s left of the connection in another form.

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Most Aries no longer speak to their exes, let alone be friends with them. Direct and decisive, when things don’t work out for the fire sign, they know to let go rather than hold on. They don’t see a point in becoming friendly with someone they used to have strong feelings for. They’d rather amicably leave and not look back.

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When a relationship stops working, Virgo knows to let it go and wish the other person well. They could consider a friendship with their ex, but not immediately. They know their emotions are still running high and don’t want to be irrational because of them. They usually step back before making any decisions and go no-contact for days.

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Scorpios know no other way to love than hard. So, it’s hard for them to see a friendship when the romance stops. It’s difficult for them not to interact with their ex the way they used to, let alone see them dating others. These water signs feel intensely and know jealousy isn’t an exception.

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Like the rest of the earth signs, Capricorns process breakups through logic. So, they know not to salvage things when things don’t work out. And being friends with their ex has the potential to do that. They would rather move forward than back and don’t see the point in staying in touch with someone platonically they’ve once been romantic with.

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Taurus knows their worth. So, when someone no longer sees it, they know to move on to the next one. Most don’t stay friends with their ex because of this. They won’t beg them to stay if they don’t want to and won’t try to convince them otherwise. They like to leave the romance where it once was and don’t see any use in turning it into a friendship

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