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6 zodiac signs that will most likely end up in hell

Praying doesn’t help!

Some believe that a hell is a place where punishment reigns forever and that if we sin, we will go there if we sin. But hell can also be called life on earth.

Hell is a fantasy world that enables people to feel fear, prepare for fear, and admit that everything they do deserves punishment when it is “bad.” And there is a place for that, in our minds.

Hell is in your head no matter how you turn it. For the “dark” zodiac signs, it is the place they fear most. Some have to believe it in order to feel satisfaction or to know that others will be punished for their crimes. We joke about “go to hell” and send people there all the time.

Hell is a mental concept that is generally conceived as a place where we go after death to suffer.

Let’s take it easy, even have a little bit of fun doing it and keep in mind that this is just a joke anyway. So who of our zodiac signs is most likely to go to hell?


You go to hell because you were a mean, bad guy in life. You deserved it because you weren’t lenient in your life and other people fell by the wayside because of you.

Hell is your next home, and no doubt you won’t like it. But you will have a long time to think about it. Hell is made for you, virgin. For you, it is life on earth, with people who are all somehow human.

2ND BULL (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

You are so hellish that you shock yourself. You are the ultimate despised person; you tried, you failed, and now you want blood. It is the bull’s way that you will try hard to get revenge and personal justice, even if it means living in prison.

You have enough and can no longer stand it, bull. And your actions on earth are currently building your throne in hell completely.


Just because you think dark and creepy places are cool doesn’t mean Hell will be a dark upgrade. You will go to hell because you have spent your whole life lying to people. You lied to your mother, your father, endangered your beloved’s life, and stole endless amounts of money from people who depended on their money.

You are a liar and a thief. The whole “stable, balanced” aspect of the Libra is a warning to all other zodiac signs. You should not trust this zodiac sign, otherwise, you will be disappointed. Do not be friends with this person, they will lie to you and cheat you. Don’t believe any of their lies. I’ll see you in hell, my friend.

4TH TWIN (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

You go to hell and when you get there you draw the “what the hell?” Card while pretending innocence and holiness. You are cruel and insensitive and you know that too. You know it because your relationships never last long. You know it because you pull people across the table without hesitation. And you know that because you know you’ve been selfish and petty all your life.

You’re the guy who goes to hell and says, “What did I do?” Giving up responsibility is what you do best and it is your first-class ticket to hell.


Oh, yes, you’re going to hell, Aries. You not only know it, but you are also proud of it. Rebellion has always been part of your cards, and fighting the good is a matter of course for you. You never compromise.

This means that you will break hearts and minds when you are with people. Your relationships have always been shaped by intrigue and lies.

And you gave a shit about taking care of the people who were really important to you. That’s why you go straight to hell.


You go to hell because the devil needs a break and you are the only one who can take on this role. If there are souls that need to be tortured, that is exactly what you want. You don’t just go to hell, Scorpio, you manage hell.

Damn, you even have an important position down there. Because without you, hell couldn’t even exist. That is why hell is your personal kingdom to which you will walk as soon as your life here on earth is over.

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