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6 Zodiac Signs Who Need Stability In Relationships

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Some zodiacs embrace the unknown. They’re thrilled by the unexpected, so they don’t mind dating someone a little bit unpredictable. But other signs aren’t going to feel comfortable in a relationship where they’re always on their toes, always unsure about what’s going to happen next or where their partner stands. Here are some zodiacs who need stability in relationships:

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Taurus, you get scared away easily. You won’t want to settle for someone who sends mixed signals or leaves you wondering whether they care because you’re terrified of getting your heart broken. You only want a relationship that feels safe and comfortable. You want a partner who is there for you, no matter when or where you need them. If they leave you hanging, you aren’t going to feel loved. You aren’t going to feel like you can trust this person.

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Virgo, your main goal is to create a stable, consistent life for yourself—which means that you need a stable, consistent partner. You need someone who has similar morals and expectations. Someone who is willing to put effort into loving you the right way. You won’t last in an unstable relationship because you don’t deal well with questions. You need answers. You need to know exactly where this other person stands and how they are feeling. Otherwise, how can you keep the relationship healthy?


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Capricorn, you aren’t looking for a loud, wild love. You’re looking for a quiet, stable love. You are looking for someone to settle down with and start building a family (whatever that means to you). You’re the type of sign who thinks with your head over your heart, which is why consistency and dependability matters much more to you than spontaneity and adventure. You need a partner who is reliable, who follows through on their promises, who assures you that they’re happy exactly where they are.


Cancer, you won’t last in an unpredictable relationship because you are always jumping to the worst case scenarios. If you don’t know where your partner stands, you will assume that they’ve lost interest in you and the relationship is over. You need a partner who reminds you how much they care frequently, who shows up whenever you ask, who gives as much as they receive. You need a stable relationship that makes you feel secure because your insecurities are always getting the best of you.

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Libra, you’re all about peace and love. You won’t want to be in a tumultuous relationship because you cannot stand confrontation. You want a partner who brings out the best in you and who is willing to grow and change. You would never last in an unstable relationship because you aren’t the argumentative type—and you aren’t the type to sit around, analyzing body language and text messages either. You are straightforward and you deserve someone who is honest with you too.

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Scorpio, you need stability in your relationships because even the slightest hint of uncertainty is going to scare you into a breakup. You are naturally skeptical, so it’s hard for you to trust someone. It’s hard for you to believe they have your best interest at heart. If your partner breaks promises or leaves you wondering whether they actually care, you are going to walk away. You don’t have time for doubts and uncertainty. You want a stable love or no love at all.

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