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The 6 zodiac signs with the strongest personalities

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Not everyone can handle them.

It is of course no surprise that some of us are exuberant, loud and aggressive, while others are shy, quiet and passive. Different personality types contribute to a diverse world. Astrology ascribes many aspects to us as individuals and we actually know each other well enough to be able to say whether we belong to one of the zodiac signs with a strong personality or not.

Strong personalities are not, as is generally assumed, limited to the fire signs. The zodiac signs allow variations. We may be very strong in one area and fully aware in another that we are absolute wimps. We are never absolutely strong or weak, but our zodiac sign definitely affects how strong our personality can be.

Charismatic, seductive, convincing can be seen as a strong personality. Strong personalities are used as leaders, but a strong personality does not necessarily mean strength of character. You can be powerful and intimidating, even tyrannical.

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Having a strong personality can be a double-edged sword, all of which we can only hope will be used for good causes.

1st lion (July 23 – August 22)

You will always want to be on the side of the lion if he decides how something should go: Because if you are not on his side, he will blame you forever. The lion is not just your average, everyday strong personality – it is more like a runaway train that expects you to either jump on the floor or throw yourself off the rails.

The lion has a selfish, self-centered nature of strong personality, and however charismatic this zodiac sign may be, it is the zodiac sign that most offends others.

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2nd Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

With the shooter you will quickly find that he remains very quiet and quiet … until finally the time has come to lay the world in ruins. Shooters collect, summarize, analyze and prepare their reaction to it. And the shooter will come out of nowhere and tell us all what is and what is not.

Shooters are incredibly strong personalities, which you will only notice when it is too late. Be it revenge plans, intrigues, attacks: shooters are thinkers. They think before they talk and when they start talking you will know where you are.

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3rd bull (April 20 – May 20)

If we assume that the bull is a clumsy animal that tramples the china shop, the zodiac sign Taurus is actually quite similar. Sometimes clumsy and boorish, they still know what they want and rarely get it the easy way.

The bull has a powerful, stubborn and jostling personality who always gets what she wants – and if the entire china shop breaks down!

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4th twins (May 21 – June 20)

When you think of a strong personality, you wouldn’t automatically think of twins – and then someone like Trump comes along who not only has an overpowering personality, but is also a twin. Since twins see two sides to everything, they end up choosing the side they believe in – and then it says: “My way or none”.

The twin is a tyrant; some call it a “strong personality”, others just call it bullying.

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5th Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

In this case, strong means bossy. Yes, no zodiac sign is as bossy, pushy, analytical and judgmental as the scorpion, no doubt. It’s almost impossible to finish anything when a scorpion gets in your way.

To be precise, you will probably want to avoid almost every conversation with your strong scorpion friend, because you would rather treat yourself to the luxury of getting away with a healthy mind.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The ram is undoubtedly the symbol with the strongest personality traits. They give off fiery leaders, are strong generals in wars and highly respected authorities.

Aries are the warriors of the zodiac and are infallibly strong in protecting opinions, people and what they think is right. They are not afraid to express their opinions clearly and often do so with great charm and ease. Leader by nature, strong personalities, of course.

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