Zodiac Signs


This is where the dual nature of Gemini does them a disservice. This sign is fairly co-dependent; they want a partner and they want to bond emotionally. They attract partners who feel the same, but in the case of Gemini, their “other” side takes over halfway through the relationship and begins to blame the other person for making them feel so attached and vulnerable.
Gemini damages the relationship by playing at both ends; they want emotional and terrible attachments to another person when they despise being so dependent on another.


You will find Sagittarius checking their phone during dinner to see where their partner is. This constant concern that another person is part of a deep need to feel less alone in the world than it already does.
The independent Sagittarius likes to be alone, until he strikes them on an existential level; in truth, they fear loneliness. Being alone is good until it’s too much, and then they panic. They turn their fear into an emotional need and find themselves someone who will not care about their constant need for emotional fulfilment.
Like Gemini, once they get what they want, they have to feel it, so being emotionally attached to another is an ironic kick for Sagittarius.


The Virgin wants to conclude the agreement in five seconds, which means that if you are partnered with a Virgin, she will demand marriage and a contract that states that you will not go anywhere without them. They really need this “solidity”. They cannot function unless they know who is who and what is going where … yes, it is a thing of control, but it is what they are.
They are attached to a person for security reasons – knowing that they have someone they can call their own is all for the Virgin. The Virgin does not only date; they are involved for one purpose: to seal the agreement with the marriage. Extreme emotional attachment.


Cancer wants to trust a person forever, and it’s a very difficult task for almost anyone. If Cancer begins to trust you, you put yourself on a pedestal – one from which you can never, ever get down.
So it’s hard to be in a codependent relationship with cancer just because you have to be perfect for them forever. They will forgive the worst actions if it gives them a sense of security, which will devour them over time.
Confidence is everything for Cancer, and if it is destroyed, their emotional attachment will make them unable to move on, completely catatonic. They need people to stick to it and they feel like satellites in space if they are not associated with someone like them.


Pisces are not only highly dependent on the love and attention of others, they are then dependent on them. It is a need in them to have everything in place, and it means relationships.
Emotional dependence is good for Pisces. This gives them the feeling that they are not alone and that they will be taken care of. Pisces turn to others to make decisions. Being a sign of duality – the two fish – they are always somewhat undecided.
Whatever qualities they lack, they seek out others. They give themselves fully to whom they trust, love and feel an attachment; it is a necessity in a Pisces life, just like this need to become attached to the other.


Libra uses emotional attachment as a way out of things to which they are less attached. Libra can no longer help a family member. Say, for example, taking care of your ageing mother. Libra will be attached so strongly, so intensely and so emotionally to her mother so that she can get out of other personal relationships.
If you become attached to a Libra in a romantic relationship, know that they will never make the emotional exit because they reserved all their emotion for their parents. They will use the sick parent as an excuse to avoid creating a new emotional connection with another. They are attached to the family, not to lovers.

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