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6 Zodiac pairs who have the most painful breakups

Do you know the pairs of zodiac signs that are destined for tears and pain and that are most prone to the most painful breakups?

Astrology offers us many insights into a person’s behavior and his relationship with the world.

It can show how you flirt when you are attracted to someone, how you express your feelings, and also your exit strategy.

While some characters are overdramatic and want attention healed from their circles after the breakup (Leo and Gemini), some want to heal love and affection from their closest friends (Virgo and Pisces), some try to avoid feeling heartbreak by pretending the relationship never happened (Sagittarius and Aquarius).

Some signs take a long time to heal and live on (Cancer and Capricorn), while others quickly enter into a new intimate relationship (Aries and Scorpio), while others seek another serious relationship (Taurus and Libra).

The only thing worse than the breakup itself is that you and your partner have completely different breakup styles.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to go through everything in detail and seek a deal, and your partner is someone who has a completely icy attitude towards any display of emotion and pretends they never met you, then this would be yours Just multiply pain.

Some zodiac signs have completely opposite personality traits, and it’s no surprise that their resolution styles are extremely different as well.

Here are the zodiac signs that make up the worst and most painful breakups:

1) Aries and Taurus

Aries are like babies. They like to get attention, have tantrums, and get bored easily.

They are very competitive and also consider dating a competitive sport and don’t want to lose.

If they feel that some tension is building up in the relationship, they would be the first to initiate the breakup because they don’t want to be dumped.

On the other hand, as an earth sign, Taurus is very firm and loyal in relationships.

They don’t like change and want the relationship to last.

They will do everything in their power to fight to save the relationship, but when they’re done, they’re done; they become steadfast and do not look back.

Aries are also known for having a highly explosive temperament and often expressing their feelings bluntly, they enjoy the drama and adrenaline rush that comes with being overly dramatic, but Taurus hates drama and likes to avoid confrontation.

Aries often regrets his impulsive behavior and tries to revitalize the relationship, but most of the time Taurus has already moved on and is not looking back.

2) Leo and Scorpio

Leos are extremely loyal and caring and want to pamper their lovers, but when they feel that the spark has died in the relationship, they usually trigger the breakup because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of a breakup.

They can usually move on quickly from the breakups they initiated, but when they get dumped that’s a different story.

Leo’s response to serving is one of extreme shock and denial.

It is utterly heartbreaking for them, and they seek the attention of their circle to ease their pain.

Scorpio is extremely passionate and has a very hard time letting go, whether they are initiating a breakup or whether they are on the receiving end.

He can become very obsessive or clingy and indulge in destructive behaviors in order to get revenge on his ex.

A breakup between Leo and Scorpio can be a nightmare as it turns into a massive ego struggle.

Both signs are control freaks, and breakups trigger their control problems, and they can really destroy each other with their mean, nasty, and abusive behavior.

3) Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius have two things in common, they love to travel, meet new people and explore new things, and both signs have attachment issues.

But when they lose interest in each other, they tend to just go away.

You just go into cold withdrawal and don’t want to deal with confrontations or make explanations.

They may just let their partner drown or end the relationship over a text message, email, or phone.

And if they do end up on a confrontational course, they can get really explosive and destructive at each other without making fun of each other’s feelings.

4) Cancer and everyone else

Cancer is the most sensitive and loving zodiac sign of the zodiac.

They are very protective, nurturing, and giving in their relationships.

It takes time for the crab to build trust and enter into a serious relationship, but once they do they don’t want it to end.

They are stubbornly struggling to make the relationship work.

When the relationship doesn’t work out despite their best efforts, they are devastated and deeply saddened.

They would spend hours thinking about what went wrong in the relationship from start to finish, thinking about what they could have done wrong, or how their partner should have acted, and in the end they exhaust themselves emotionally and mentally.

Breakups with cancer can result in bursts of intense emotion.

They show a whole range of emotions, from pain to anger to pain. You can scream, sob, thrash, or withdraw completely and switch off.

They take a long time to heal and can develop trust and intimacy problems if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

If you are not serious about having a relationship with cancer, don’t play with their hearts and feelings.

These sensitive creatures take a long time to heal and live on.

5) Libra and Capricorn

Scales are very handy and straightforward when it comes to relationships. Capricorns are very persistent, once immersed in something they find it very difficult to let go.

Capricorns tend to become overly controlling, and that doesn’t go well with Libra’s loose and fluid demeanor.

The Libra can then initiate a breakup in a very detached and detached way, and that confuses the Capricorn, who is holding on too tightly and going to every possible effort to make the relationship work.

The breakup of Libra and Capricorn only turns into a nasty power struggle and is painful for both of them in the end.

6) Virgo and Pisces

A breakup between Virgo and Pisces can get very unsightly and ugly because they have completely opposite separation styles.

While Pisces are emotional and sensitive, Virgos are rational and practical.

Virgos like to end the relationship with a calm and rational discussion, but Pisces cannot contain their emotions because they feel their feelings very intensely.

Maybe they just break down, beat up their partners, or just become self-destructive.

Like Cancers, Pisces breakups are excruciatingly painful, and it takes them a long time to heal and leave a breakup behind.

Unable to understand the Virgo’s breakup style and perspective, Pisces perceive her to be extremely numb and insensitive, which in turn makes the Virgo feel guilty.

So there you have it. These are all the pairs of zodiac signs that don’t really fit together.

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