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6 Zodiac Men Who Will Always Stay Single – No Matter How Much You Seduce Them

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Men with attachment issues may be a dread at trying to convince them not to leave, but they’re still very desirable.

Ironically, because we all desire and value things that we can’t have and that are hard to get.

So it’s really no secret that men who act like complete jerks are always more attractive than those who give their whole hearts to a woman.

Unfortunately, because showing feelings is seen as weakness and the “strong” man who lies and doesn’t give a damn is seen as more dominant.

But any woman will admit that a man who’s just too nice and easy to get hold of isn’t going to shake her world as much as a bastard.

That’s why we’ve created a list of these sexy and mean men who might look familiar to you but have long since forgotten you.

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1. The Aries man

The Aries man is the opposite of the king in shining armor you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

Because this man has just the right amount of reason, open mind, immense passion and dominance to turn you into a damsel in distress.

It is impossible not to want him as he sets himself apart from all other men with his macho attitude but also with his less than desirable qualities.

Being the selfish bitch that he is, no one in the world will stop him from getting what he wants, leaving him very prone to infidelity – ouch.

Mainly because he enjoys hunting and conquering new territories, so he breaks up with those he has betrayed mostly out of shame.

Despite this, he always admits his mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he ever fixes or compensates for them.

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2. The Libra man

The Libra man might be an impossible mission when it comes to commitment.

Mainly because this man is so handsome, charming and extremely funny that pretty much everyone wants to date him.

Now, unlucky for all these people, because he has deep attachment issues.

The moment he senses that he might develop feelings, he breaks off the whole relationship.

Not to mention he enjoys a healthy dose of flirting even when in a relationship.

Like he’s not even in a relationship, which he never is because he’d much rather be free.

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3. The Scorpio man

Oh, the Scorpio man, every woman’s deep dark longing.

Everyone seems to hate him, but all women want him and there’s no doubt why.

This man is the most passionate of the zodiac with just enough sex appeal to justify his crazy behavior.

No one else would bother wasting their wits on him, but he’s still kind of worth it.

But the thing about this man is that he either has one partner for life or he has several until death.

He never wants to get attached to any of them as his life is too much fun and always exciting while letting his weirdnesses guide him.

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4. The Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is probably the most desirable man in the whole zodiac in terms of pocket size.

Because according to the myth, the woman who makes a Capricorn man fall in love with her will live the rest of her life in bliss and prosperity.

You know those housewives who drive their husband’s car and abuse his credit card – yes, they date a Capricorn man.

Which is also not wrong in any way, because don’t we all dream of a rich, sexy man who will give us all his heart and money.

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Life would then be so much more fun and we wouldn’t have to work a single day in our lives.

But the Capricorn man sees beyond our surface desires, so he counts every penny when dating and rarely trusts a woman enough to keep her with him for too long.

5. The Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man is the zodiac’s biggest unfaithful man, and what’s worse, women don’t even mind.

Because he is just so wonderful, attractive, passionate and handsome that everyone would start a war over him.

You know the Greek myth where the Trojan War broke out because of Helena, I think she was a Sagittarius.

Because who else is worth sinking so low for as this magical and mesmerizing man.

He’s not just something a woman wants, it’s her reason for living, for indeed there is no one like him.

He is aware of his effect on women and uses them to the maximum.

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6. The Aquarius man

The Aquarius man is one who attracts you with a great deal of intellect but keeps you with his wild side.

Truth be told, he is the zodiac’s biggest freak who always makes you feel validated which is a dangerous combination.

Imagine him enjoying every one of your perverted ideas and seeing nothing wrong with him – disgusting that’s why you seem to love him.

No one will make you feel as accepted as he does, but so does every other woman.

Do you really think he only talks to you? He’s too desirable for that, so wake up.

He’s probably saying the same thing to 100 other women who want him as much as you do: Get in line and wait your turn, okay?

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