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6 Zodiac Duos That Don’t Make Sense But Are Actually Perfect For Each Other

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Aries + Libra

At first glance, the warrior of the zodiac and the peacemaker seem like an odd pairing. Aries is almost always sure of themself, while Libra is only sure about their distaste for conflict. But, these two balance each other out well.

Though opposites, their elements still complement each other. Though Aries can be a hot head, Libra is always there to calm them down. And though indecisiveness is a never-ending obstacle for the air sign, Aries is more than willing to point Libra in the right direction.

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Virgo + Aquarius

Virgos thrive off of routine and always have a plan, whereas Aquarius would rather see where the wind takes them. These two are so different, yet they make some of the most popular pairs in friendship and love. Logic is what binds them together.

Though Aquarius may refuse structure, Virgos have a way of showing them the beauty of its efficiency. And though Virgos can be perfectionists, Aquarius shows them the wisdom hidden in imperfection.

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Aries + Scorpio

Fire and water signs are the two most emotional elements in the zodiac. So, it’s not a surprise that these two end up together. Out of all the signs, Aries is the one that comes close to matching Scorpio’s intensity.

Though not as emotionally in tune as the water sign, Aries has a way of understanding Pisces in a way no one else can. Regarding career, relationships, and everyday life, the water sign can easily confide in Aries.

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Leo + Cancer

At first, you’d think Cancer wouldn’t work out with a dominating sign like Leo. But this fire sign has the biggest heart (and many moments of softness). These two are both romantics who love love.

Companionship comes easy to Cancer as they’re naturally nurturing, which tames Leo in more ways than one. The fire sign doesn’t mind keeping the spark alive. They plan the sweetest dates, which Cancer will surely admire, making Leo feel appreciated and loved.

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Capricorn + Gemini

Capricorns are driven and ambitious, while Geminis are curious and adaptable. Intellect is what binds these two together. Gemini is fascinated by Capricorn. Indeed they admire their work ethic like the rest of us, but Capricorn’s deep knowledge of the world makes them more attractive to the air sign. Capricorn sees Gemini as a bright light. They’re impressed by how much they know and inspired by their never-ending sense of wonder.

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Pisces + Virgo

Compared to the logical Virgos, Pisces are more sensitive, spiritual, and emotionally in tune. So, how do these two wind up together? Well, not only do their elements complement each other, but they both love their families dearly. Virgos love caring for others and feel fulfilled when they do so. For Pisces, love for their friends and family comes naturally.

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