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6 Steps Of Your Relationship Before You Say “I LOVE YOU”

We’re used to it now! Yes, we know that men speak more with their actions than with their words. This is no longer a revelation for us.

At first, we had a hard time getting used to it. But in the end, we didn’t really have a choice. If we want to find common ground with our darling, we must indeed agree to compromise.

So ok! We let him prove his love to us with hugs, tender gestures and gifts. Generally speaking, this is not a problem. Except…

Except when you want to be clear about what Monsieur really feels. You can look for the signs that he is in love with you.

But you can also analyze your relationship as a couple. Indeed, before the “I love you”, men… ALL MEN… go through 6 important stages.

Indeed, before falling in love, they almost have to cross an obstacle course that will allow them to win the final trophy.

So if you know what stage your relationship is at, you can figure out what to expect. And so predict the famous “I love you” long awaited.

1. The “I like you” phase

This phase is related to the physical attraction that a man feels for you. For example, your curves, your beauty or your elegance may please him.

Unlike men, women can fall in love with a man at first sight. A man will take his time to find out whether he is physically attracted to you or not. If he understands that he is attracted to you, he will enter this phase.

2. The “spotting” phase

This phase is almost a psychological game. Indeed, your man will do his best to attract you and convince you to go out with him.

But, at the same time, it’s not going to be exclusive. Indeed, he will continue to go out with other girls. Or at least he’s going to keep one or two under his belt.

Why ? If you accept his advances, he will completely break away from those links. On the other hand, if you refuse them, it will pass to someone else.

To get through the spotting phase, your man needs to be sure he’s getting something in return, so that his attention is completely focused on you.

3. The “pursuit” phase

Once a man realizes that he is attracted to you and that you have accepted his advances, he will run after you. Indeed, he will do his best to get your attention by chasing you.

The purpose of this step is to verify that what he feels for you is not one-sided. Yes, he wants to check how you are feeling.

His intentions are to capture your full attention so that you can recognize him and truly see him. The important thing during this phase is, for him, to make you understand his feelings.

4. The “I’m going to impress you” phase

This step is to impress a girl. It will try to gain your attention first and then to gain your heart. At this point, most men are hardly in love, while most women are.

His main goal is to impress you and show you that he is worthy of you. He then organizes many romantic dates, gives you gifts, tries to say what it takes to make you happy.

During this stage, most women give in to a man’s advances. But beware ! Even if he shows you all the signs that he is in love with you, he is not yet!

5. The “love me” phase

This phase involves your partner doing their best to make you love them. He might not be in love with you but he wants you to love him first. However, most women are already in love at this point.

Therefore, a man wants to see how much you love him. This is his greatest achievement. He shows you that he is a worthy partner and that he wants to have a long life with you.

He is showing you all the signs of love but in the end, he may not be in love yet.

6. The “decision-making” phase

If a person gets to this point, it’s because they’ve earned your trust. It’s so unfortunate that this stage is where you start to realize that the man you thought he was is not the man he really is.

Earlier this man was trying to impress you. He was doing his best to hide his true nature, lest you run away.

In this sixth step, he shows you all the signs of love but at this point the man is far from being in love with you.

That’s when he begins to wonder if this relationship is worth it. Your partner begins to observe you, to observe your behavior, and to see who you really are.

So, he wonders if you are worth the time and effort he has to put into your romantic relationship. And paf! It is at this precise moment that he will decide the future of your relationship.

It’s a shame for you because you’ve already fallen in love with him. A man can easily end a relationship without getting hurt. Men take their time to make a decision for a lifetime.

Finally the 7th phase: the “I love you” phase

This step is the first step in the rest of your life. Your man is overwhelmed by love and he feels like he is having the best moments of his life.

Yet he is starting to be jealous! Regardless, he takes care of you and is there for you all the time. He shows you the signs of love, which are true this time around.

At this point, most couples decide to get married and have children. On the other hand, a man may decide that the relationship is not worth it.

Indeed, he can reject a woman for some really stupid reason. Besides, a man can also dismiss his promising relationship if he doesn’t want to be hurt himself.

Most of the time, women end up getting hurt. After going through the first stages a man goes through before falling in love, you should be able to tell if he is truly in love with you or not.

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