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6 of the most emotionally complex & complicated zodiac signs

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Astrology is a complicated matter. The zodiac signs are complicated. What they say is subject to interpretation. Over the centuries, people have tried to decipher what the different movements of the stars could actually mean.

Nonetheless, it would be an offense if someone really saw astrology as a waste of time. It affects people. It affects how we think. The astrological signs into which we are all divided are not the same.

They are inherently different, and this is due to the movement of the stars, which leads to several changes that can take place in the personality traits rooted in the individual.

Most articles focus on the good, positive sides of the zodiac signs and how they influence people in a good way, or on the good personalities you can find with a zodiac sign. But the good goes with the bad, the yin with the yang.

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So it’s important that we talk about the complications associated with each zodiac sign, the twisted thinking that people of a particular zodiac sign have.

Here are six of the most emotionally complex zodiac signs

1st shooter (22/11 – 21/12)

If you are not a shooter, you should be glad that you never really get an insight into what is going on in their heads because you would not come out alive. They are extremely complicated and would win the gold medal if thinking too much were an Olympic discipline.

A real shooter turns his brain to the left by imagining all sorts of crazy scenarios without having a plan of what’s really going on around him. Finding out the truth of a thing is fundamental to them, and if there are gaps in the information they receive, they do their best to fill those gaps with their imaginations until they overflow.

You explore completely new worlds of possibilities.

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 2nd bull (20/4 – 20/5)

You can call them stubborn, but they are definitely not lacking in substance. All those born under this sign sit down and think too much about things until they have gone so far that they could spontaneously go up in flames if they are not careful.

They never just look at the surface and spend a lot of time getting to the heart of the matter. Their thoughts are so complicated that they don’t really understand what is going on in their heads. The only result is that they analyze their thoughts even more, which in turn complicates an already complicated situation even more simply because they don’t understand themselves.

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3rd twins (21/5 – 20/6)

Their basic nature is dual and that only makes things harder if you are an emotionally complex person whose feelings go very deep. Most of a twin’s suffering is caused by its heightened sensitivity.

With such complicated emotions, the twin are more likely to spoil things themselves without the help of enemies or rivals. He thinks too much and robs everyone of the fun. Even when he gets the best news, he examines, analyzes and rethinks it so much that it turns into the worst news in no time.

They are so focused on impartial investigation that they lose sight of the real thing.

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4. Aries (21/3 – 19/4)

To say that Ram’s head is over-saturated and filled to the brim is the understatement of the century. Your grinders grind continuously without a break, unless they are asleep. They are emotional and combined with their increased sensitivity they usually make them mentally very restless.

They tend to complicate and that often leads to sabotaging themselves with the worst possible scenario in every situation. They project their fear and worry outwards and that only confuses them even more. You are born to worry.

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5.Virgin (23/8 – 22/9)

They may seem like completely tactless snobs, but in fact virgins are very hard on themselves. This is not easy to understand because they are usually terrible with others and there are not many people who can stand their company for a long time.

This sign is an expert at analyzing and re-analyzing something until everything is so complicated that they no longer understand how they got there. This habit of over-analyzing creates an inner struggle that leads to many personal problems. And that’s why they’re unfriendly to others.

They feel so much pain that they have to redirect some of it to other people so that they can feel better.

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6.Fishes (19/2 – 20/3)

We all know this one person who is always sad and depressed, no matter how many good things happen to and around her. She always finds one or two things she can cry about. It’s the easiest thing in the world for fish.

You are wonderfully trained to feel too many feelings. Her innate paranoia makes her excellent victims for long sessions of self-pity. Your emotions are complicated and only serve to pull yourself and others down.

Even if things go perfectly, they find something that could possibly go wrong and worry about it until it actually goes wrong.

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