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6 Concrete Signs You’re A Forever Couple

You hold each other accountable and grow from disagreements.

You never let your anger go uncontrolled. Even when you’re upset with each other or frustrated about your relationship, you resist making unfair accusations or shouting out horrible, nasty things that you’re going to regret in the morning. You make sure never speak down to your partner or treat them like a punching bag. You keep it respectful, no matter what mood you’re in or how much you’ve had to drink, and they do the same. Your arguments are a chance to learn and grow, not an excuse to be terrible to each other.

You’re comfortable expressing every emotion in front of each other.

Nothing is off limits. You can cry together. Laugh together. Talk about serious shit together. You never feel compelled to hide what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling because you trust this person to hear you out in a gentle, loving manner. And they trust you to do the same when it’s their turn to open up about their most vulnerable emotions.

You work as a team while maintaining your individual identities.

Your problems are their problems and vice versa because you are committed to working as a team. You always have each other’s backs through the good times and the tough times. You also make sure to consult each other before making major decisions because you respect each other’s opinions and want to stay on the same page. However, you’re also comfortable giving each other space. You have your own careers and friendships and passions that bring you happiness outside of the relationship. Your partner might be your main source of happiness, but they’re far from your only source of happiness.

You take active steps toward building a future together.

You want the same type of future because your dreams align. But you’re not all talk. You’re always working toward reaching that next milestone together, whether that means saving to buy a house together or planning a fun vacation where you two can relax and unwind. You create goals you want to reach as a team and you’re both putting effort into reaching them. One person isn’t more excited about the future than the other. You’re both happy with the decisions you’ve made and the direction you’re heading.

There aren’t any lingering red flags that you’re ignoring.

You communicate openly, so there aren’t any secrets between you. There aren’t any lies either. There aren’t any red flags that you’ve been pushing under the rug because you don’t want to ruin your good moods or break the illusion that you belong together. When there’s a problem, you discuss it promptly. You don’t hide your fears or concerns from each other. You open up whenever something is bothering you so the issue doesn’t snowball.

You have fun together (outside of the bedroom).

The relationship is more than physical. You connect on a deep, emotional level. You have enough in common that you’re able to have a fun time together, whether you’re going out on weekends or completing chores together. You don’t just love each other. You like each other. You enjoy each other’s company as much as you did in the beginning.

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