Zodiac Signs

5 Zodiacs You’d Swear Are Psychic


Pisces is spiritual and intuitive. That’s why they’ll innately know if you’re feeling sad before you tell them. It’s in their nature to observe everything about you. They’ll read how you’re feeling through your facial expressions and voice.


Scorpios boast the perfect mix of intuition and logic. They hone their ability to understand life and all its complexities, so they’re the type to predict future events. Observant and intelligent, they’re usually the ones who tell the rest of you to be careful. They don’t trust easily and know when someone’s wrong for you.


Cancers are usually right about our relationships. Their family and friends mean a lot to them, so there’s no way they’d let anyone hurt them. They’re the friend who always has a gut feeling about the new person you’re dating. They know a red flag when they see one and won’t hesitate to tell you to proceed cautiously.


Capricorns use their life experiences to assist in their psychic abilities and keep their loved ones safe. They usually know all the practical shortcuts to getting things done efficiently. They are the least likely to be scammed and can notice when something is off.


Taurus likes to say that they’re right about most things, and usually they are. Like the rest on this list, they are observant and logical. They pay attention to details. They can also sense when someone might have a hidden agenda. They understand people and rely on practical matters to guide their relationships.

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