Zodiac Signs

5 Zodiacs Who Work Hard But Play Harder


Taurus is highly career-oriented, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. They make it a point to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They love to bask in the luxury of everything their hard-earned funds can buy. Of course, stability is vital to them, but so is retail therapy. As much as they try not to overspend, they’ll never turn down a sale at their favorite store


From fine art to high fashion, these air signs indulge in the best of the best. Working to live as they please, they’re known to be great workers who put in as many hours as possible—because they have expensive taste.


Leos know how to work hard and put most of their time into their work and passions. But they also know how to make the best of all that effort. Let’s say their taste is as expensive as Libra’s. They’re known to be big spenders. From shopping sprees to tropical vacations, they enjoy their money.


Aries is far from frugal. Known to take risks and exceed expectations, these ambitious workers spend their checks on what’s the most fun. They believe in living life to the fullest. So, in their case, if you can, why shouldn’t you?


Sagittarius works to travel. As a fire sign, they know how to take initiative. They know how to work for the lifestyle they want and achieve it. To a Sagittarius, money means freedom. So, the more they earn, the more they can do as they please.

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