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5 Zodiacs Who Won’t Fight For Your Attention

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Leos are the royalty of the zodiac. They carry a lot of confidence and know their worth to a T. If they have to ask you to text them back, they won’t do it twice. They’re not afraid to leave tables that don’t serve them and are often turned off by those who don’t know what they want.

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Like Leo, Taurus has a high degree of self-confidence. They know what they offer and aren’t the type to give out a discount. They know you aren’t a match if their efforts aren’t reciprocated and will swiftly move on. They don’t see the point in proving their worth to someone who doesn’t see it. They won’t beg or plead but only wish you the best.

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Capricorns want the best in life, and they know it won’t be through desperation. Whether you reject them or don’t return a favor, they’re often too busy to react. Romantic relationships aren’t a priority for them, and they are the least interested in ever begging someone to like them back.

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Aquarius is comfortable alone. They have a high sense of self-identity and seldom question their worth based on whether they’re liked. They embrace their uniqueness and know who they are. So, if they’re getting mixed signals, don’t expect them to pursue you after. They see the person for them as one who will come with certainty, not confusion.

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Sagittarius is the free bird of the zodiac. They live on their terms and are too preoccupied to care if you like them. Confident and incredibly optimistic, they believe the right people come when they’re meant to. That’s why they aren’t as fixated on romance as other signs. So, if they feel they have to beg for your attention, they don’t want it to begin with.

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