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5 Zodiacs Who Will Ghost You When They’re No Longer Interested

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They hate confronting people with the painful truth, and they hate serious conversations and explaining why they’re no longer interested, because sometimes they don’t even know why. They can decide overnight that they do not want anything to do with you without really having a valid reason, but they will suddenly stop sending you memes or responding to your texts, and they might even block you to avoid having ‘the talk.’

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They hate awkwardness and they don’t want anyone to be angry with them, so out of goodwill, they choose the silent treatment instead of telling you why they don’t want to be in a relationship with you. They will ghost you gradually, though, to make it less bitter; they’ll give you hints such as taking too long to reply to your texts or no longer viewing your stories and commenting on your photos. They won’t tell you the whole truth, so they will just try to show you with their actions how they’re really feeling.

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There’s a reason why they have a bad reputation—they date more than one person at the same time and they always have options, so as they filter their options, they will ghost those who didn’t make the cut. No explanations. No closure. No apologies. They found someone better for them, and that’s the brutal truth.

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They don’t get attached easily and they don’t make false promises, so they expect people to understand that they don’t owe them anything because they didn’t lead anyone on. They will ghost you and expect you to be okay with it because they didn’t lie to you or manipulate you. They ghost people all the time because they don’t see it as ‘ghosting,’ they see it as two very different people drifting apart as they pursue other interests.

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They’d rather get hit by a bus than break someone’s heart because they’ve been there before and they know how much it stings. They don’t want to make someone feel unloved or unwanted, but they can’t lie to themselves either, so they just say they’re going on a long vacation or they’ll be busy with work for a few weeks and then never show up again. They might give you an excuse or two, but that won’t change the fact that they won’t be returning once they’re gone.

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