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5 Zodiacs Who Want To Be With Someone They Can Grow With

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Leos are devoted partners who like to date for the long haul. They take commitment seriously and often wear their hearts on their sleeve. They want someone who isn’t afraid to go through life with them. They’ll love you like no other, even if that means toughening out a rough patch now and then. They’re best with someone who values them and does not want to be in a position to lose them.

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Capricorns live intentionally. From their careers to their love life, they want to invest their time in things with a purpose. They don’t take commitment lightly and are looking for someone who shares that similar belief. They want someone they can grow to love with all of their heart and are more than willing to do what it takes to get there.


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Virgo is always looking for someone to build with. They’re practical realists who understand the growth needed in a relationship. That’s why they’re attracted to ambition and those who stay true to themselves. Their ideal partner is someone who’s as grounded as them but also knows how to keep the faith.


Like their fellow earth signs, Taurus is strategic regarding love. They’re ambitious and disciplined people who crave as much success in their relationships. They want someone with a similar mindset and willing to put in the effort. Taurus knows it won’t be smooth sailing but will always be ready to adjust according to the wind.

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Cancers thrive in relationships. They are incredibly nurturing and empathetic and are usually the type to stay when things get tough. They’re attentive and are some of the best listeners. They love deeply and aren’t afraid to talk about hard things. They’re as committed as can be, which often leads their relationships to grow beautifully.

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