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5 Zodiacs Who Want Their Ex Back (But Won’t Admit It)

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Wanting someone back is not something everyone is willing to admit. People don’t really disclose that to their friends because they don’t want to seem vulnerable or that they made a mistake by ending a relationship. These zodiacs are secretly missing their exes and trying to manifest them back because they can’t stop thinking about them but they are afraid of reaching out.

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Aries might seem cold and detached at first and may even go on to date other people just to make it seem like they’re over their ex, but when they rest their head on the pillow, their ex is who they truly want and miss. Aries are too prideful and they have big egos; they would not reach out that easily or surrender to their feelings, so they are secretly wishing that their ex would come back and chase them a little before they can truly tell them how they really feel and keep the momentum going.

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Geminis are indecisive and they don’t always trust themselves when it comes to making decisions; however, they still have hope that they can reunite with their ex and start over now that they’re more evolved and a little bit more sure of what they want. They would secretly love for their ex to let them know one way or another that they’re ready and willing to give their love a second chance. Geminis have a lot of friends, but it’s hard for them to connect with people on a deeper level like they did with their ex and they secretly miss their conversations and their time together.

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Virgos hide their feelings very well from others and they hate to let someone know they miss them or they need them back because they have a hard time telling someone how they really feel. They tend to have a lot of unfinished business with their exes and they keep thinking maybe I should have said that or maybe I should have done this. They can be full of regrets, but it would kill them if they reached out and didn’t get the response they wanted. So they want to test the waters first or get a sign from their ex that they’re also still thinking about them before making a move.

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Aquarius might seem aloof and distant and enjoying their solo time and free-spirited life, however, they secretly want to call their ex and share with them what’s been happening in their life and they want to tell them that they’ve been thinking about them lately. Aquarius tend to end relationships before they’re ready because they are afraid of getting too close to someone who might hurt them, but they often feel like they may have jumped the gun and didn’t give their ex the love they deserved. They secretly want their ex back and they want to know somehow if their ex is done with them before they decide to completely move on.

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Pisces don’t fall in love easily, but when they do, it takes them ages to move on, so they’re always trying to forget their ex by dating other people, but all it really does is remind them of their ex even more. They can’t seem to find the same connection and passion they had with their ex with anyone else, but at the same time. they are too scared of getting rejected if they reach out. They would love for their ex to break the ice—then they will spill their heart out and tell them everything they’ve been suppressing ever since the breakup.

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