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5 Zodiacs Who Need Constant Reassurance Before They Decide To Commit

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They don’t fall in love easily and they definitely don’t trust easily. They need constant reassurance that their person will accept them for who they are and stick around when things get rough. They also don’t open up easily until they know for sure that their secret’s safe with that person and that they have the best intentions. To win a Taurus’s heart, you have to constantly show up for them and reassure them that you won’t walk away and that you’ll never leave them no matter how hard things get.

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Since they love so deeply and are willing to give their all to their partner, they often feel like they need to hold back for a while to make sure that the other person truly wants to be with them and that they are not playing around. They have soft and loving hearts, which is why they’ve been played before so many times and got their hearts shattered by the wrong people, so they are extra cautious at first because they don’t want to go through that kind of pain again.

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Virgos are misunderstood and they don’t find a lot of people who want to be with them for the right reasons. They’re often viewed as cold and detached, but that’s only a defense mechanism because they don’t want to show how vulnerable they really are. So they need to know that they’re wanted for the right reasons and they may even try to push that person away a few times to see if they will come back or not. They love to feel like people ‘earned’ their love and they didn’t hand their heart so easily to them.

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As one of the most noncommittal signs, Scorpios need constant reassurance that this person is worth the ‘sacrifice.’ It’s so hard for Scorpios to give up their freedom and the long list of admirers they have lined up for just one person so they have to feel like that person truly loves them and will do anything for them before they decide to commit. It may take a few months or a few years, but eventually, a Scorpio will decide to commit when they know for sure that this person will make their life better.

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Aquarians tend to fall for unavailable people and are always putting themselves in complicated situations, which is why they end up with nothing after they give everything. So in order to stop that pattern from repeating itself, they need more reassurance than others. They want to see ‘evidence’ of that person’s love for them and they have to feel like that person is available and present all the time because they don’t want to fall for unavailable people anymore. They’re looking for both words and actions to feel secure enough to take the relationship to the next level.

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